Have you ever had a pinched nerve?

  1. What were your symptoms and how long did it last?:wtf:
  2. I had a nerve pinched in two places in my neck. The left side of my face was numb in places and tingly in others. I couldn't turn my head at all and my left arm felt funny. It lasted a week or two. I went to the chiropractor for adjustments, electrical stimulation and acupuncture.

    I also have sciatic nerve problems due to low back disc issues. When that nerve is inflamed, the pain is through my low back, down my left leg, especially bad at my knee, into my heel and foot all the way to my toes. That pain has been there in varying degrees for the last 9 years. Sometimes I think I'd like to have that nerve severed.
  3. I had sciatic nerve problems when I was pregnant. Oh my was it painful!! Couldn't walk, did alot of hobbling around. Luckily, it went away after birth & not a moment too soon.
  4. I had a pinched/trapped nerve in my shoulder and neck once, it hurt so much!
    At first i thought i had slept on my arm or something because it started off as a mild ache and then got worse..I couldn't move my arm or my head without it hurting and when i walked and went up or down stairs if my arm moved slightly it would really hurt.
    It lasted about 2 days and then i went to see a doctor, he gave me something for it and i think about a week later i was fine.
  5. I had it in my shoulder before and my neck... lots of traction was needed to help it all calm down. Mine lasted a while.. but I was in therapy at the time for my injury's and it went away eventually
  6. Thanks guys! Is it uncommon to have it longer than a week? I have this burning sensation down my back which makes my hands go numb when I sleep. Go to a chiropractor?????:sad:
  7. The chiropractor really helped me. I got through it without taking any kind of pain killer or drugs - but lots of advil - and it hurt sooooo bad (pinched nerve in neck)! He tried acupuncture, which helped more than anything else. My face had been numb for over a week and he only did two acupuncture treatments on me, and it got better. Of course, the acupuncture was combined with adjustments and e-stim. I go to him regularly anyway for my degenerative disc disease. He keeps me moving!
  8. I had a pinched nerve when I was pregnant w/ my daughter. It lasted a few days, really painful. Hope this passes for you quickly.
  9. Thanks Shelley!:smile: It really is a bummer, guys!
  10. Have a look at my "Somebody Cheer Me Up" thread. http://forum.purseblog.com/health-and-fitness/somebody-cheer-me-up-please-72912.html

    I'd suggest you make an appointment with a neurosurgeon (who will order an MRI) and so you can see what you are dealing with. If it's a herniated disk, don't mess around with it. I ADORE my chiropractor, but for me, this was something beyond his skills. Any time you have something pinching any nerve in your body, the longer it goes on the more the area that is affected by that nerve will cease to function. A few days before my surgery my right leg was so weak that it buckled under me every time I took a step.

    Short follow up: I'm getting better, but tooooo slooooooow for me! What do you do? Beats losing the use of a leg. :shrugs:
  11. Thanks Prada Psycho! I will take your advice. What do you mean what do I do? In terms of work, or activity?:s
  12. Sorry, that's just an expression. :shame:

    What I meant was there wasn't much I could do (about my situation) but have the surgery and wait out the slow recovery time as opposed to not having my leg work (and being in screaming pain) if I hadn't had the surgery.

    Good luck on your situation. Hopefully it's nothing serious. :flowers:
  13. PP,
    You are a sweetie! Yes, hoping it is nothing serious! Life is too short!:sad:
  14. Awful neck pain, on one side, lasted two weeks. Went to a chiropractor twice a week. Woke up one day and it was gone and never came back.
  15. Not sure if this was a pinched nerve but I remember when I broke my toe there was a time during the healing process that if felt like my nerve kept getting in between something and it really really hurt.