have you ever had a funny experience with your LV?

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  1. Have any of you had funny experiences with your LV? Please share it in this thread!!! :biggrin:

    I will start with mine:

    I was with my boyfriend the other day and he kept on insisting that I should show him how to lock my alma bb. When I finally locked it, the van that was picking us up was leaving and we needed to give them the tickets before we could get in, and guess what? the tickets were in my bag!!! it didn't help that my boyfriend was panicking, it took me forever to open my bag!! but i finally did open it after a few minutes! i was so mad but i thought it was funny.. :biggrin:
  2. haha

  3. lol.
  4. LOL I haven't had any, yet, but yours was cute! Sounds like something that would happen to me.
  5. if i were u. i woudl just panick n lose it...
  6. omg, I was sneaking into Walmart with one of my dogs in the LV carrier sitting in the large part of the buggy. The greeter was like, "oh, miss, I would be happy to put a pink sticker on that return for you". (I kid you not, she was totally serious - a cute little woman). I went along with it. I didn't want to get in trouble for sneaking my dog in. It was really funny.

  7. TOO FUNNY!! I haven't had any yet, but I could see locking myself out of my purse LOL. Can't wait to read more on this thread!
  8. One time I was mad at my friend so I hit him (jokingly, of course) with my speedy. Needless to say, the zipper was open and my blackberry went flying out and onto the pavement!! Luckily I had a case on it but it could have been a close call!
  9. that's funny!! :biggrin:
  10. not really..except that those vachetta strips used to cinched the bag on my nf sometimes get caught on doorknobs while i'm trying to walk through the door..so it'll pull me back with a jolt..hahha
  11. lol. good thing nothing happened to your blackberry! i've dropped mine so many times that it looks like its falling apart.:biggrin:
  12. haha..that's funny though..
  13. lol! that SAME THING happened to me today with one of the side straps of my NF!! I was walking out of the restroom and it pulled me back lol.
  14. this happened to me too!!..very funny!!
  15. When I’m driving my poor LV's always get bolted forwards because I always seem to slam on my brakes. My poor little babies go head first onto the floor (I always sit them on the front passenger seat).

    Luckily it's a new car so it is spotless, so they are safe until the next red light when I can pick them up.
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