have you ever had a freaky ACCURATE PSYCHIC reading?

  1. i don't necessarily believe in psychics or palm readers. overall, i do believe there are some people who can "see" things, but most of the ones we see/encounter are fakes.

    anyway, i was out with a friend and saw a palm reader sign. i did it for fun. had not had one in over four years.

    the only thing she asked me was my name and age -- which i gave my nickname.

    she read my cards and palm. overall, i'm not impressed, as mentioned, i did it for fun. but it did make me think. how could she "see" so much that actually was almost dead on?

    among other things she told me that was accurate, she told me i didn't want kids and i never told her i didn't. she also told me that recently an ex had been hounding me to get back together - that was true too.

    the first psychic reading i had four years ago was so accurate; she saw someone i ended up dating a year later and she told me had a serious crush on me. i didn't belive her because i knew him and at the time, he'd never hinted at liking me, but the guy confessed to it exactly a year later as she'd predicted. she'd even described him to a T -- eye color, height and all!

    i need to get a book and learn how to do that and start charging people! lol!
  2. I have frequented one psychic who lives in MI, where I have family. I usually see her when I'm in town visiting (although it's been quite a while now). Her accuracy is astounding. A long time ago she said I would move to CA, get a job immediately and the company would start with the letter "W." She also said I would meet my husband there and his name would be Matt. Unbelievably, all those things turned out to be true.

    She also predicted health related matters that pertained to my parents, which were true.

    Now that I think about it, I should make an appointment to see her when I visit my parents during the holidays!
  3. I have never been to one but my friend went years ago when she was having a bad time with her boyfriend and the lady kind of sucked her in to coming a few times and said stuff my friend wanted to hear--I think she was good at reading my friend. But the things she said never came true.

    My best friend does not believe in this stuff and yet when she has been to places she has been approached on 3 different times by people who were psychic and told she "has the gift", once she was shopping in a angle store and this lady came up to her and started telling her stuff about her life which was so true. My friend does have this ability to know when she will see people. We will be shopping and two towns away she will say we are going to run in to so and so today and it has happened so many times. She always seems to know who is going to call her out of the blue.
    She also has had dreams with passing relatives telling her things which turned out to be true but she did not know before the dream.
    So I do think people may be more perceptive to certain vibes that occur in life but I would not place much value on someone telling me really major things. Lots of things are stuff that could happen in life with any person.
  4. I've been to a well known psychic in SF who was really accurate. She's so well known, she's got a line of people waiting outside and she doesn't take any payment except donations. She did accurately predict things that happened after I saw her, but now I feel that I am second guessing myself based on her predictions. After seeing her, I've since tried to avoid going to her again because I feel that her predictions make me change my decisions in life.
  5. I'd love to go see a psychic, but I'm way too scared. What if she said something bad or that someone was going to die? :/
  6. my friend has, he has one that he and one of his workmates swear by. He is a bit of an over-exaggerator, so i don't know how much of it is true. She seems to be a good one to see. Maybe one day i will check her out.
  7. yes i have...and as i had never believed in them before, i had to change my mind ! i also only gave her my name and age and she told me so much about me, my family situation, everything ! She was a lovely lady and she helped me to make a crucial life choice ...i want to go again one day :yes:
  8. i have not... but i've always been rather curious about it. it's interesting to hear about others' experiences, though.
  9. Well, I've had a reading by Sylvia Browne & I can tell you she is a BIG FRAUD whose only gift is thievery so please save your money & pm me if you want to know details. Do I believe there are people who are physic? Yes I do. They just arent charging money for their gift. With tarot cards I think they can be accurate; your subconscious helps you pick cards which are then interpreted by the "Reader"-So if you really believe in them, then I think there is the potential to be accurate. Just my .02
  10. My mom went to a psychic and he told her that two of her children were having children. My brother and I have daughters that are 4 months apart (preggers at the time). He also said my brother would be successful and make lots of money at a young age. A year later and ever since, my brother makes over 200k per year, owns his own company and is under 30yrs old. That prediction really impressed me because nothing that was happening at that time would've led anyone to believe that my baby brother would make that kind of money.
  11. I am very fascinated. Can you PM me her info?
  12. YES! A woman tarot-carded me years ago. I totally forgot all about it and about a year later realised that everything she said came true, like every little detail.
  13. ..my mom is too much into this kind of stuff.

    she has some pyshic as a dead woman who uses someone elses body ( alive ) to communicate.

    freaky, and very werid.

    dont ask. lol
  14. oh yeah, and I have been to a pyshic myself before, everything was true, but I'm not toooo sure in it.

    I rather NOT know what will happen.