Have you ever gotten tired of any of your LV items?

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  1. Hey everyone. So three years ago I bought my first designer bag and it was the Louis Vuitton mm in damier ebene. I loved that bag for the first two and a half years I owned it and basically took it everywhere with me. Lately I have started falling out of love with it for various reasons.

    1) I think I've just owned it for a while and maybe I am tired of the print 2) everyone and their mother owns it (literally; i saw a woman at the grocery store this morning using it as a diaper bag ahhhhh) so I feel like it's not as special anymore 3) since purchasing it the handles have been cracking and that has been annoying me 4) I have found a love for other lux items besides just LV (Chanel, goyard, Saint Laurent, Hermes and MG). Currently I also have two other Neverfulls - one in the monogram in mm and another in the azure gm. I am wondering if I should sell the DE bag.

    And frankly wonder if I should also sell the azure. It looks great but in terms of functionality I hardly ever get to use it because I'm afraid of getting it dirty. It's so white! Plus I have noticed other people carrying this bag and the patina looks really bad. And recently while wearing a pink shirt I got some color transfer on the bags speaking of, any suggestions on how to get that out?
  2. That's the way I felt about my Bottega Veneta and Gucci bags. I think it's normal to change and move on to other brands or other products. Nothing wrong with that!
  3. Thanks for your thoughts! I have been thinking of purchasing a bottega veneta wallet in pink. What made you fall out of love with the brand? Any quality issues?
  4. For me yes I do get tired of all my bags once in a while which is why I have a few bags from different designers in the styles from each that I do love. When I feel like I get bored I rotate. The others beauties go for a long nap in their duster and once I get tired of the current carry I switch out again and fall in love all over again. Variety is the spice of life. I would sell the DE and the Azure and keep the mono. Then you are free to fund another bag from either LV or a different designer. Dior? HERMES?
  5. Ah yes that's the exact feeling I'm having with my Damier Ebene Speedy 35. It was my first LV bag that I bought 4 years ago and carried it constantly the first 2 years. But I haven't carried it the past year or so. It's just too big I realize. I kinda get annoyed every time I look at it. But I don't want to sell it just yet.
  6. LV is not hard to get. Everybody can own a piece of LV. Not only by price but also it isn't hard to own a piece.

    i think that prices of used LV's wil drop in a few years, or second hand lv's will be unsellable. There's too much choice.

    I like LV, for a few pieces. not everything is special anymore.

    maybe offtopic, but a lot of video's about the consumerism trap we live in is find on youtube.

  7. I know what you mean. I'm on the fence about selling mine because I worry I'll regret it. It's a care free bag really. I don't have to worry about getting the vachetta dirty!

  8. So true.

  9. I know! I am thinking about buying the Hermes garden party.
  10. Definitely. I've been purchasing LV pretty much exclusively for 12 years now. In that time I've had 4 kids who were infants, toddlers, kids, teens. My needs have changed drastically. Bags that I loved and used lots got sold as my needs changed. I once needed huge shoulder bags. Now I carry lots of hand held bags. I purchased evening and crossbody bags. Our needs change as our lifestyles change. There's nothing wrong with that!
  11. I think it's natural to grow tired of some items over item. Not limited to LV alone, I got tired of one of my Givenchy Bags recently lol
    I found that when I add something extra to the bag like a fendi bag bug or a twilly, I fall in love with it all over again. :P

    I don't like to buy items with the notion I'll be selling them later on when I "move on" from it. So I limited some of my LV purchases to only a few specifics I know I'll be using constantly and I won't grow tired of it.
    i.e I have a never ending collection of SLGs, LV Luggage, Neverfulls, and hoping to add a Pochette Metis down the line too. I know with those items in specific, I won't be growing tired of them.

    I think you just have to find a specific style
  12. I don't understand the 'everyone has one, so I NEED to be different' mentality. Everyone has one because it's working for them, why should your decisions be based on what others do/don't own?

    That said, falling out of love because it doesn't functionally fit your lifestyle anymore, develops design issues/defects, or you fall in love with others sounds like the natural progression of LVoe (literally and in the LV sense). I've sold one or the other bag because of any of those 3 issues and if you're not loving it anymore, it's better to get rid of it and get something that does make you smile. :smile:
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  13. #13 May 15, 2016
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    Yes. I'm losing my lust for my mono Neverfull MM. It's handy sometimes but it's not a particularly attractive bag on me. I just don't like the squareness of it. I just got my speedy 35 DA in December but I wish I had gotten the 30. I love my speedy 35 in DE. Love it. But the DA looks too big in 35.
    I fell out of love with my mono speedy 30 about a year ago but we've recently reconciled[emoji7]. I'm loving her right now. And lastly, I've lost the love for my Eva. It's cute. Looks great. But it's too small. I'm thinking of consigning all 3 but I'm not sure wouldn't regret it later. And to make it worse, all are literally in like new condition & I won't get even close to what I'd want if I consigned. I've tried to use them more thinking I'd break them in and we'd bond. It just hasn't happened yet. I'd probably sell them for a decent price on eBay but it's become too risky and eBay is just not seller friendly anymore. Meanwhile, I keep trying to love them. Maybe I just have LV burn out right now.[emoji20]
  14. LV is more than just canvas bags... Why don't you give their leather range a chance as I assume money isn't an issue if your thinking of Hermes. :smile:

  15. For me it's not so much I need to be different; I want to be different. When everyone is carrying it, it just feels less special - particularly when practically every college kid walking around DC has one. As a young professional, I work hard for my money and it does kind of irk me when these kids are running around with 1000+ bags. There are probably others here who do base their decisions on the latest trends but that's not me. What a waste of money that would be! When I purchase items, I think long and carefully about functionality and how the item will fit my lifestyle. The Neverfull fits my lifestyle but I don't think I need three in different prints!
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