Have you ever gotten offers after your auction ended?

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  1. A couple of hours after one of my auctions ended I received an email from someone saying that she's sorry she missed it(someone won the auction) and that she was prepared to offer $100 more than the buyer paid. :wtf:

    Do people actually shaft the original buyer for more money? I told her that I'm sorry but I'd already pkg'ed and the buyer won it fair and square.

    Makes me wonder just how many folk out there in ebayland are doing this. :cursing:
  2. It's happened to me a couple of times... I never went through with it because it's not fair to anyone involved.

    You did the right thing by telling her no. Tell her next time to use a sniper to bid for her if she thinks she might miss the auction.
  3. It was just so random that it made me think that she was used to doing it. lol people are truly strange
  4. I have had that happen only once. It makes me wonder why they didnt just bid while the auction was going!! Its just not fair to the buyer what are you going to say to your buyer? Sorry gought an offer i couldnt refuse your SOL? Let see how quick that would get you a neg??
  5. ^That happened to me too but only after it ended with no bids. Of course they wanted me to give it to them for lower than I started it at...um no.
  6. Yeah, it's only fair if your item has no bids.
  7. I have had this happen, but only when there was no winning bidder involved. You did the right thing, it is not fair to the winning bidder.

  8. lo...me too many times. It's like what is the point of offering anything less then the starting price...even if it did'nt sell.

  9. LOL @ me I cant Believe I spelled Got GOUGHT> HOLY COW:noggin:
  10. I have only contacted if I was watching the auction and forgot to bid and the item didn't sell. The seller will relist for me.

    I had this happen to me once but my item didn't sell and I relisted for this person.

    I can't believe someone would try to sway you to not sell to the highest bidder
  11. I will often win an item and look back over the seller's completed items to see if there is anything with no bids that I might like to add to my order. Have gotten some good deals that way, but I would never counter with lower than their opening bid, just offer to pay extra on my invoice for the wanted item. Saves seller relisting fees, and I still have feedback for my original win to back both.
  12. I wonder if bidders try to offer alot more b/c it's some sort of scam. It wouldnt be an official transaction under ebay. $100 more than the winning bid sounds kind of sketchy IMO... people get greedy w/ the temptation of more money but who knows whether those bidders who "missed" the auction will just wait for your shipped item, then file a paypal claim or something :shrugs:
  13. I had it happen with the very first thing I sold on ebay many yrs ago, it was a CD changer for an Audi. I actually got 2 offers for more after the auction ended, I said no to both.

    Good for you for doing the honest thing!
  14. Same here...It happened to me twice after selling two of my older Balenciaga bags..

    I won't like it if my seller does that to me hence I won't do it to my buyer..

    You did the right thing :yes:
  15. Because you overpriced it in the first place? I've made offers before on items that didn't sell and I usually show why I am offering that price by showing them similar items and the prices they have sold for in the past.