Have you ever gifted LV to a friend?

  1. hi, I know many in this forum have LV gifted Mom or sister etc.
    Have you ever generously gifted a friend with LV ?

    what did you buy? How was it received?

    (I have only done LVgift like this for Mom, though once I bought a Fendi cosmetics case for a client retirement and, uh, never got a thank you note.)
  2. I want to give my best friend an wallet for his 21st b-day in December...

    However, I have a love/hate relationship with him, so I might just buy it on eBay. :p
  3. One day I would love to buy my best friend a wallet. For now, I'm just a poor college student so she has to wait.
  4. I bought a girlfiriend of mine a wallet (porte tresor) for her bday and a year later I got her th LV keychain that is round and has a little light in it...(came out last year)
    I bought my mom the black MC trouville, and BH horizontal and recently the Multi plicite (sp?)
    mono bucket bag for my cousin and also the mono Alma.
  5. Sister:
    Damier Tango-Short Strap (Bought)
    MC Aurelia MM in black (Bought)
    Mono Keepall 50 (Bought)

    Mono Sonatine (Given)
    Mono Speedy 25 (DH Bought)

    My mom isn't into LV, if she was I would shower her with LV gifts.
  6. I have given a friend several designer pieces incl my LV mono trotteur.
    Unfortunately, it upsets me to see her using the pieces bc she completely trashes them---they have nicked or scratched canvas, zippers falling off, stained vachetta--a disaster.
  7. No, never. I'm the only LV crazy one although my friends can afford it. I tend to give as I receive with them because I don't want to impose the brand. We respect each other's choices, but we have different tastes I think. We give generously, but just not LV.
  8. My best friend gave me a used speedy 30 and I bought her a white MC coin purse and a GUCCI heart coin purse.
    I bought my best boy friend an ARMANI watch and he bought me a LV mono mini noe:love:
  9. I bought my cousin a Keepall 50 (without shoulder strap) for her wedding present.
  10. I bought one for one of my daughter's friends. She had been driving my daughter to and from career center my daughter's senior year of high school and they were good friends. I wanted to do something really special for her because she was kind of a fourth daughter. Her family was not very wealthy and she was so jealous of my daughter's papillon (she never said anything but complimentary things - but you could kind of tell she really envied it). So - we took her to Charlotte LV boutique. I actually planned on buying her the Mono Pochette - but she kept asking about the papillon - I can't believe still I bought someone not related to me that bag! But her eyes lighting up made it all worth it. She was tearful on the way home. It was great. I got the most lovely thank you note from her that I saved it.

  11. Oh, that sucks. I hear horror stories about a couple of girls I know who don't really care for their bags either. Stains and horrible looking vachetta. One of them even puts their Miroir Pap on the floor. Poor bags.
  12. Yup! I've given my best friend a PTI for her birthday! It was great to see her face light up!

    The best part is that even though that was a few years ago - she still uses her PTI every day and it still looks basically brand new!
  13. THe bags I bought my cousin were desroyed after she carried them!! I could not believe it! (lessoned learned!!)No more Lv for her...from me anyway!
  14. :shrugs:
    very nice--that's the way it should be.

    michelle--it makes me cringe. she is a lovely person, she just does not take care of things....
  15. I bought my mom a Monogram bucket, she loves it! Ive never bought my friends LV, but I have bought them other designer items.