Have you ever get teasing while carrying a LV?

  1. I am so piss off today!! Ok, here is my story.

    I was carrying my speedy today and went shopping with my friend. I was line up at the clothing store then I hear two girls behind me said:" Oh, look at it. It's so FAKE. The LV is up side down." I was so mad then I turn around, look at them and said: " The bag is real. It is made with one piece, of course on one side it is up side down." Then those two girls looked at each other, the one who was talking hide behind her man's back and the other one was trying to turn my attention by saying asking me "oh, I like your jeans, where did you get it?"

    I am so piss off by them. How can they say/think someone's LV is fake if they don't even know how it should be look like!! Oh my god ... I know I shouldn't be mad at their stupidness and I should just enjoy my day. But I get really piss off by them ...:cursing:
  2. thats pretty annoying!
  3. aww, I'm really sorry to hear that. But don't mind what other people say...they're probably just jealous and most of them don't even know what they're talking about!
  4. Oh well, don't worry about what others say.
    I learned this lesson a couple of years ago. I always carry different bags most every day depending on my outfit. Well this guy was sitting next to this one girl in class (who had a mono Papillon) and when I came in, the guy whispers *loudly* to the girl, "Another Louis Vuitton bag; is that all she ever carries?" I found that quite odd because the girl he was talking to carried that Mono Pap EVERY day too. :confused1:
  5. I don't worry too much about it. When something like that happens to me I just smile and think to myself - wow they soooo don't have a clue what they're talking about.
  6. Don't let things like that upset you sweetie, there were probably jelous. You know your bag is real and that is all that matters..Sheer up and Have a great week!!
  7. Thank you so much all of you. I feel so much better now and I am happy that I am able to talk to you all though this forum. It makes me feel great coz you all are really understanding. ^^
    Cheers LV Lovers !!
  8. Only by my friends "theres the thousand dollar purse" LOL
  9. I've never had that happen, but I wouldn't spend time worrying about it. Who cares what other people think.
  10. that is so funny, i love that you told them its real and informed them. but yeah i hate that. ive only had that happen once. but i know with my balenciaga people think its like walmart or something. haha. little do they know.....
  11. I just blow off people like that!!! I've heard people make remarks behind my back. I chalk it up to jealousy.
  12. i blame the people that make fake LV. they are making it so hard for those who have the authentic.
  13. My brother is the only one who teases me. Every time we see each other he's like "Oh geesh..another one!! How much did that one cost"? I'd never tell him. Because of me he had to drive from Vermont to Montreal to buy his wife a Speedy 30 and he thought the price was just insane. He has no clue that the Speedy is one of the less expensive bags. He actually said to me once. "why don't you just use the bags from the grocery store" :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  14. It is hard, but don't let it bother you...

    My bag sits on a shelf at work all day and people always have comments. I work in a restaurant (that I OWN) and people always say "She works here and has an LV.... NO WAY. It must be fake!!!" I hear it all the time. They think my earrings and wedding ring are fake too, it just shows the ignorance of MANY!
  15. That's never happened to me.. I do see a lot of fakes.. but I keep my mouth shut. I don't understand why people buy knock-offs. Do they think other people think they're real? Do they want to look rich? Knock-offs don't make people look rich.. they make them look cheap and poor. If you are cheap or poor, don't buy something to draw negative attention to yourself! There are plenty of nice-looking bags out there that don't have LYs (instead of LVs) on them.. or messed up multicolor.. or awful stitching...