Have You Ever Forgotten Where You Parked Your Car ?

  1. Forgetful driver takes seven months to find parked missing Car !!!

    [​IMG] Erick King: Absent-minded

    An absent-minded driver has finally got back behind the wheel of his missing car - seven months after forgetting where he parked it.
    Eric King, 57, left his black X-reg Ford Focus in a residential road last February so he could walk into the town centre while visiting Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

    But when he tried to find his £3,000 car again, he could not remember the name of the road where he had parked it or where it was.
    Mr King, a retired engineer, searched for four hours before catching a coach back to his home in Milton Keynes.
    He lost two stone in weight because of all the walking he had done looking for the missing motor.

    Mr King returned more than ten times to look for his car, often booking himself into bed and breakfasts after day and night searches.
    He reported his car missing to Suffolk police, but was unable to make an insurance claim as it had not been stolen.
    This week the car was reported abandoned where he had left it in Blackbird Drive on the town's Moreton Hall estate.

    Two neighbours assumed the car left outside their homes belonged to each other, but reported it when they realised neither of them owned it.
    Mr King caught a coach back to Bury St Edmunds and was taken back to his car by St Edmundsbury Council officials.

    The car which had run out of road tax was undamaged apart from having a flat battery and started first time with the help of jump leads.
    He said: "I must have stayed at every bed and breakfast in town while looking for it.

    "I walked all over the place and just kept coming back.
    "I had almost given up hope of finding it again - but I knew it must be somewhere in Bury St Edmunds.
    "I was as pleased as punch when the council called me to say it had been found. Someone up there must like me. I have now called the car 'Lucky'.

    "I will be making sure I park in places where I know I can find it again in future." :rolleyes:
  2. Duh!!!! Lol
  3. Yeah.. but nothing so crazy !
  4. OMG...I don't think that guy should be driving!!

    But sure, I've forgotten a few times...embarrassing.
  5. WOW! Yea, I've forgotten where i've parked before - but I usually remember the general area!

    One time I parked in a parking garage, and a car parked next to mine. Same year, color, model, everything. I stood there for a few minutes, looking - trying to figure out which one was mine. Both of the plates were maryland plates, and I never had mine memorized so I didn't know!

    Finally, I just pushed the Panic button on my remote, and knew which one was mine, lol :smile:

    Luckily, now that I live in Germany my plates are a little bit easier to remember. KT for my "county" MT for my name and 607 for my birthday (6 July) :smile:
  6. Ok, so I'm pretty bad at remembering where my car is... but not THAT bad!
  7. I've lost mine too...but not for that long! Usually I just hit the panic alarm and follow the sound.
  8. Hasn't happened to me (yet!!) but it just happened to one of my friends and her husband. They parked at one entrance to the mall, and after a while, the husband got tired of shopping and decided to go to Home Depot or something while she finished shopping.

    Not five minutes after he left her in the mall, he called her angrily on the cell phone, complaining that he couldn't find the car!

    The end result was that she had to drop her shopping and gofind him - and the car. The worst part of it was he kind of acted like he blamed her - because HE walked out the wrong mall entrance!!! (DUH! :confused1: )
  9. Ha!!! I used to forget where I parked my car at work. It was pretty bad because it was a huge parking lot and I worked in a glass building. My co-workers used to stand at the windows and watch me wander around looking for my car.
  10. I've forgotten where I parked my car in a parking lot a few times...but nothing as bad as that!
  11. kinda weird!!!!
    i sometimes forget where i park in the garage (mall, work) but eventually find my car... It takes more like 7 mins or so, not 7 months. :P
  12. :upsidedown:This story is crazy how could you lose your car and for seven months not remember come on.
  13. lol thats kinda cute...
  14. I travel for a living and have done it more than once at the airport. I walk around pressing the alarm on my keychain until I hear it go off.
  15. I have forgotten which row I parked in when I have gone to the mall on a particularly busy shopping day, but I have never done anything as extreme as this fellow.