Have you ever felt...

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  1. like you were being stalked?

    I have a "friend" who at first seemed very interested in my LV bags. She would ask me all the usual questions... how much did that cost... which site do I visit... which boutique I frequent...who is my SA etc. If you get me going on LV, I could go on and on. At first I thought "Wow, I finally have someone I can talk with, obsess with etc".

    Then, I noticed that she started getting bags I would mention I thought were cute, the Azur, BH things like that. She even once told me how she loved the leather jacket I had just bought and how she surfed all night on every site looking for one.

    She even started to "use" my SA and drops my name when shopping. Her eyes light up whenever I am stopped by someone who is admiring my LE's. She now wants the WC VVN bag. She knows I am getting the 30 from Hawaii. I just got the Exotic. At the time I thought... well, she's my friend, so I gave her my spot for the VVN 35. I was telling her how I had returned and then re-bought my WC bandeau (the first one had a faulty thread). About a week later she bought one. :wtf:

    Am I crazy? I am now very cautious of what I tell her... I figure she can now find out for herself what the F/W bags are. I don't want her getting the bag that I might covet.;) Btw, it is not only LV things.

    Sorry for the long post... I am not sure if I am just over imaginating this.
    I would love to hear your stories and/or your thoughts.

    TIA :heart:
  2. Sounds like she admires you and wants to be like you. A little weird though.
  3. So weird! It is a compliment though, she does admire you! I wouldnt tell her anything anymore, I mean before you know it she will start getting stuff before you!
  4. Have you seen the movie Single White Female? LOL
  5. I had a friend just like this. She got on my nerves!! It was like she wanted to become my clone or something! This was back when I was into Coach, I used to go to the outlet and find some cute LEs that would stand out in the sea of other Coach, and she would see it and buy one no matter what she had to pay for it. It became like that for everything and eventually she drove me insane to the point where I hid my bags before she came, or if I was going out with her, I would take a bag that was old, that she had already seen or copied. I really hate it when she does that because then it looses its uniqueness that i felt when i first go the bag. This was a few years ago and I am over it now, I hated to use the bag she had copied and eventually sold all of them.
  6. ^^ That's what I was gonna say "Single (Insert Ethnicity Here) Female" :wtf: Personally, I do not like my friends to have the same things as me. The caveat is if I'm going to be wearing something common like the Speedy (or a Tiffany heart bracelet). I can't expect that others won't have it. I wouldn't divulge information to her. She can go online or find tPF if she wants info.
  7. Yes, that's happened to me. If felt exactly like I was being stalked. If it's not just LV but everything else, you may want to have a talk with your friend. If she doesn't get the point, then give her some space. GF's pretty much overlap taste & often get the same things but if she's wanting to be a "carbon copy" of you...that's really not very healthy...for either of you.

    I had a former friend who started out the same way. At first it seemed harmless but one day, she complemented me on my haircut and the very next day, she got the same haircut. Then things got weirder. She dyed her hair to match my color. She began to dress exactly like me, down to the VERY last detail (I swear on my mother's ashes I'm not exaggerating). I felt like she was trying to steal my personality! I attempted to have a talk with her but she flatly denied what she was doing.

    We met for a lunch date one day (she showed up, again, looking like my twin). I had put my hair up and she looked annoyed and said, "You should've told me you weren't gonna wear your hair down". When we got to the restaurant she went to the restroom and came back with her hair put up the same way. That was the last creepy straw (this had been going on for about a year). Scared for all to goodness, and taking advice from my family & friends, I did a slow fade out...decreasing dates/calls until everything stopped all together.
  8. Almost creepy movie material...
  9. That would bug me quite a bit. I would probably stop discussing purses with her completely. I might even start distancing myself from her. Do you feel comfortable enough to tell her it bugs?
  10. its not bad to have a ADMIRER...:P
  11. oh yikes..... sorry to hear that....but i thought i was reading about....us.
    i went through something like that with 'back-then, my bff'.

    i was fine until almost 8 of matching LVs we had (no, i wasn't the one who copied!!) and i was getting more and more annoyed...."twin" thing wasn't cute anymore after while and good thing, we ended up our friendship in the end.
  12. it's called envy and i hate it!!!

    i have a friend like your friend!!!...everything i buy...questions askeeed...

    the eyes 'lighting up!!!' and i know...

    my friend hates me for having things s/he doesn't have...or can't have...or things i bought first and s/he doesn't have first...

    in the end now i hate my 'friend'...i hate people who envy envy envy...
  13. If her copying your bags bothers you (it certainly would bug me), then you have to decide whether you really want to keep her as a friend or not, because the friendship won't survive anyway if you're unhappy about the way she's behaving.

    If her friendship really matters to you though, you'll have to try to steer her away from copying you. Help her develop her own style. When she's carrying a bag you don't have, and that looks good on her, tell her. Compliment her when she puts together a look that suits her but that doesn't borrow from you. And if you don't mind being a bit devious, you could even have a think about what would suit her and if you can think of a really great bag that would suit her style (but that you don't want), go into a rave about how gorgeous it is and how you really want it and are planning on getting it ... ;)
  14. and...if you ask eg. if i ask my friend..."why do you copy me...?"

    "why do you want to be like me?"

    "why are you jealous of me...? envy etc"

    my friend will not answer and say...(answers like these...)
    what do you mean...??? how am i copying you??? why would i be jealous of you...i don't want to be like you...why would i want to be like you...

    they will never admit the fact they envy you...because it's meant to be a hidden thing for them...lol...even if it is SOOO OBVIOUS...
  15. I've had someone do this.. and this is really not the most sincere form of flattery, just flat out annoying ! I really hate it when people have the personality of vanilla and they need to steal style !