have you ever felt so annoyed your ears started to hurt?

  1. this is how i feel right now. i got into an argument with a so-called friend and she got into her possessive-i-get-own-have-everything-mode and started fooling around with a person i really like. it upset me so much my ears now hurt, i have a really painful headache and i'm trying to sleep but i can't.

    this should teach me not to be friends with girls. they're really mean.

    i'm really upset right now, and i have no one to talk to about this.. excuse my little rant...
  2. I haven't got into an argument over a person in such a long long long time but.........My girls come home telling me about other friends and what they do and other girls getting mad about things someone has and wants and other friends saying this and that and all this other crap.....It's not my argument but I get a headache just listening to it all

    Just relax and take a deep breath ............
  3. And maybe re-think the kind of guy you get involved with. Any guy who would mess around with your friend isn't dating material.
  4. the problem is, SHE ALREADY HAS SOMEONE.. grrrrrrrrr...

    the arguement wasn't about guys anyways... it was about work. =/
  5. Oh, sorry, you said your friend started folling around with a person you really like. Assumed! ;)
  6. Sorry my mistake!! there wasn't anything about work , I can see why you have a headache, I hope you feel better.:p