Have you ever felt bad for someone with a fake?

  1. I just got back from grocery shopping with DH, at the checkout, the woman in front of us had an awfully bad fake Bucket. It was in bad shape too, used, very used. I looked at DH and he looked and winked at me. She pulled out a fake mono wallet to pay for her stuff and was 3.00 short of her total. She had basics, milk, cheese, bread, eggs and granola bars. She was going to have the granola bars taken off when DH said, "here, I have 3.00, please let me give it to you if you promise to do something nice for someone else." She didn't want to take it at first but then agreed. She had a little girl with her, they were both dressed in clean, neat clothes, they were clean, little girl was cute and polite and I felt bad. It seemed like she was trying and she clutched onto that bag like it was gold. I just got my Graffiti Speedy today (camera didn't come yet so sorry no pics yet) and she noticed it as they were packing her stuff into a bag and her eyes got wide and she asked me if she could see it. I held it up for her (now feeling terrible that I paid what I did for it and she couldn't pay for basic needs and I was laughing with DH over her fake bag) and she said, "Oh my that is so beautiful, it looks great on you" She then thrusted hers up for me to look at (very proudly too) and said, "here's mine, it was a gift from my husband for Christmas 2 years ago before he left for Afganistan." Then she took out the wallet and said, "he even bought me the wallet to match." I smiled and told her how beautiful it was as her daughter was telling DH about where daddy was and when he's going to be home. Our cashier then told us that she comes into the store all the time and buys just a few things at a time and usually the little girl has pictures or is telling stories about her father. She said that he was supposed to be home this past March but they kept him on. I still have a pit in my stomach and as much as I don't condone replicas, she didn't seem to know or care about the difference between my bag and hers. I could probably buy a thousand bags for what hers is worth to her though.
  2. You and your husband are so sweet to help that mom and daughter out. We definitely need more people like you to in our world! God bless you both.
  3. I think you and your husband handled the entire situation with class and aplomb, so bravo to both of you!
  4. Both you and your DH are soo kind :yes:. This is kind of sad:crybaby: .I think to her it's a gift from her DH that counts LV or not. God bless you both.:flowers:
  5. That's very sad. I feel so bad for people like that, in those situations. I'm sure the only thing she cares about is that her husband and father of her child comes home safe. And that's exactly the way it should be. Kudos to her for taking out a present her husband gave her and just loving it because he gave it to her, and doesn't care whether it's fake or not, so you know what.....in this situation, neither do I.
  6. Yes, I have. When I used to work in a bad area of Philly, I saw it all. Single moms with sons who were murdered, gun shot wounds, patients who were from the "half-way house" on parole. It was crazy. I know one of my bags=groceries or rent for someone else. I just didn't take my expensive stuff down there, I felt bad like I was showing off or putting myself at risk to be mugged.
    I would see girls with bad fakes, but in a way I knew they didn't have much of a chance at having a real LV, Gucci or whatever. In their case, I really didn't mind. I think if it makes them feel a little better then they have a right to nice things.
    Unfortunately, when they start marketing fakes in massive quantities it is a different story. People are getting ripped off and it is supporting illegal businesses. So yes, I have felt sorry for people, but I think it depends on the situation. I try not to judge.
  7. I feel sorry for the woman's situation. My mother is in the military and spent a year in Iraq. She came home last December. I was lost without her, so I know that it's extra difficult when you have kids and one parent has to leave and you don't know when they're coming back. Hence the reason I volunteer with the military family programs that help people just in those kinds of situations.

    However, I don't feel bad about her fake. It's a bag. I know many of us attach emotions to our bags. I know I do. But other people don't feel the same way as most of us.
  8. I feel REALLY bad for people who don't know that they're carrying fakes- those who know nothing about Vuitton and have to save for a long time just to get ripped off on ebay with a brand new with "authenticity cards" $200 bag. I know that a few years ago I thought that most of the LV's on ebay were real.
  9. That's such a sad story...:crybaby:
  10. That was very kind of your DH and you to help her out, I am sure that she really did appreciate it and you were so sweet to admire her bag like you did.
  11. You and your DH both handled the situation in such a classy and compassionate way.. kudos to both of you :flowers: And your post was beautiful.. it really emphasizes the things that should really matter in life :heart:
  12. It doesn't happen to be at Einstein you are talking about is it? My cousin works there and tells me she sees more replcias there than she's ever seen real in her life. But I know what you mean.
  13. I feel bad when people think something they have is "real" when it's not, the husband may not have known better either......I almost wish I didn't know it was fake b/c then I wouldn't feel bad...This is such a nice story though, I started to tear. It seems like the bag and wallet are sooooo special to her b/c her husband picked them out for her and it has sentimental value, and sometimes that's more important than real or fake. Let's face it, we are quite fortunate to be able to afford this "hobby" of ours, there are a lot of people out there that really truly can't, I have some friends in situations like that, I've seen it first hand......You guys did a very nice thing today!
  14. Wow, it puts things in perspective when something out of the blue jolts us out of our own world. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  15. I was just down the road from Einstein at the old Germantown Hospital. They have a worker's comp clinic in the doctor's building there. That was a tough job.