Have you ever felt awkward carrying an LV?

  1. Hi there tPFers!

    I wanted to know if this is just me, this happened a few weeks ago BTW.

    I work at a great place, with great people but they unlike me have to worry about paying off a mortgage, feeding their kids etc. And I don't. So basically my whole paycheck is shopping money. (My parents pay for all living costs and such)

    So, for some reason the clocking out machine wasn't working so there was quite a big queue for us waiting to leave. I, at this time have my coat (Burberry) and my bag on (Bastille). Then this guy goes in front of everyone... "Is that Louis Vuitton?" really loud, so naturally everyone looks round "It is" he says after scutinizing my bag. And everybody looked at my bag then me, and then it went silent.

    And I dunno I felt kind of awkward that I had something they couldn't really afford.
    Am I being silly or has this happened to anyone else??
  2. your so lucky that ur parents pay for everything...i miss those days. :girlsigh:
  3. Yeah I do this too. Some of my friends will never be able to afford LV but are happy for me to have it and I feel awkward because they just cant afford this luxury and when I go out with it they are like "Is that new LV"...this even happens with my Gucci :sad:
  4. Sometimes I feel that way. Like when people look at me and look at my bag and I see them look. I always feel like I shouldn't have such an expensive bag.

    But, if you can afford it then why shouldn't you have what you want and like?? Right? I still do feel funny sometimes though, especially in front of friends that maybe can't afford those kinds of things.

    I just look at it like, I buy my bags for ME, because I like them, and to heck with what everyone else thinks!! Or at least that's the way I try to think...
  5. I too am very fortunate to be able to splurge on luxuries like LV (but I still do have a mortgage!). I do have several friends that live paycheck to paycheck, but they have always been genuinely happy for me. They say they would do the same as me if they have the money.
  6. Yeah sometimes I feel a little awkward when I'm around people I KNOW are struggling with money, friends that are having a hard time paying their rent/mortgages, etc and I know that the bag I'm carrying costs more than the rent they pay (but can't afford). I also have car payment, a mortgage, etc. and I can STILL afford to buy Louis Vuitton so....

    I just try not to let myself feel too bad about it...I mean....we shouldn't feel ashamed about being financially successful should we?? I don't think so!!
  7. Oh, I would feel really awkward in THAT situation. It's not so much about LV, more like that guy had suddenly turn everyone's attention on you, well, unwanted kinda attention. :rolleyes: He could have said, "Hey are you that guy/girl who appeared on TV?" and you'll still feel as awkward. Or at least, I know I will. :shame:

    Anyway, regarding on having something people can't afford, let's put it this way. People choose the lifestyle they want to live. Some of your colleagues might earn as much as you, do not have any morgage to pay, have no kids, but still not own any LVs as they don't see the value or the need to own them. They might rather choose to spend on IT gadgets, cars, or tons of makeup, etc. For example, if a colleague of mine carries a Vertu mobile phone, I'll feel nothing coz I won't even buy one if I have the money. I'd rather spend on LV. ;) I won't feel sorry for myself for not having one.

    So, just enjoy your LVs and don't think so much on how people see you with your LVs..! ;)
  8. I couldn't care less anymore....I go to grad school and most of them are single living off their stipends...but I have a hubby...so stipend money = fun money for me. I just wish I had some friends who were into LV so I could share everything with them...but that's what you ladies are for!
  9. Oooh, share them with me! I love your graffiti and CB pieces... :P Lol... :lol:
  10. I have felt awkward before, but not anymore. I wear designer purses for me and not for anybody else. It's funny because sometimes I catch strangers staring at my bags like not knowing whether to compliment me or keep staring. :nuts:
  11. I wish my parents were like that. If they knew I could afford LV but I wasn't paying my own rent I think their feelings would be hurt.

    Ah well. lucky you.
  12. i second that...im in grad school too and because of my field, there aren't a lot of asians and ppl with other ethnicity(s) are not into LV at all...or they don't think it's worth the $..they bring kate spades and even rarely coach bags but i always compliment on the bags that they have..

    i live within my budget although i'm not actively saving yet..i do know that the older i get, the less i might be updating my "LV inventory" so i guess to me it's a stage in life where i allow myself to be shallowly obsessive with my current hobby!! :yes:

  13. i don't feel awkward carrying my bags, but one of the girls in my acappella group who claims her dad 'sells purses' loves to ask me if my 'louis' is real. and then the other girls will start talking about how they can't imagine spending more than $15 on a bag, and sometimes i'll feel bad for flaunting my $1000 bag in their faces :sad:

    by the way, i hate it when people refer to it as a 'louis' :blah:
  14. Actually i have... it's not that you don't like ppl look but sometimes does get a little bit awkward... i know what you mean!:yes:
  15. Well Ive never felt awkward only sad that ppl can be hurtful towards you just coz your in a better suitation then them? but im gettin used to it now? I am quite spoilt and my parents still pay for everything as I dont have to work and most of my friends are able to afford things and when we do go shopping I buy stuff from high street shops not just designer stuff..