Have you ever...faked it?

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  1. I know this forum is very harsh on fake handbags and people who fake them :P, but this is another thing entirely...

    When engaging in a physical relationship with another person, did you ever, or thought you should 'fake it'? Maybe it was so the other person would feel better about their efforts, or maybe it was just because you wanted to go to sleep early...I admit I've done it, sometimes.
  2. God yes, with my ex!! I just wanted to go to sleep, and I didn't want to hurt his ego too much!!!
  3. Absolutely :smile:

    With my ex I did it a lot. I do it occasionally with B....but not too often. Usually when I'm not in the mood and I'm ready for it to be done, lolol
  4. i had a boyfriend a few years ago that would get really upset if we had sex and i didn't have one (and like for most girls, it's not easy for me to have one during regular sex, oral sex is much easier). he was like obsessed with it. so after a while, i stopped trying and just faked it.

    but now, instead of faking it, i try to explain to the guys i'm with that it just doesn't happen every time, and that it doesn't mean that they're not good or that i'm not enjoying it, i just might need something more direct. i try not to perpetrate the myth that all it takes to please a woman is some thrusting!
  5. ^^ I know what you mean. I think it's counterproductive to fake it. Then the guy thinks he's doing everything right when he's not, and he keeps doing it. I know it's hard for some women, but it pays to take some initiative and tell your partner what he can do to please you.
  6. Yes, I actually have a rather hard time having an orgasm. I don't know why though? Lol, don't want to get into too many details!
  7. good grief, yes!
    especially when i was seriously not in the mood. or when he wanted a semi quickie (and he didn't quite get the fact that girls need to "warm up" first...).
    or when he wouldn't listen and it just wasn't happening right and then i would get frustrated...so, for my sanity, it was just easier to fake it and be done with it. there were lots of time like that, come to think of it.
    the whole ordeal is just terribly stressful and not worth it to me.
  8. :shame: Don't hate me ladies but I've never faked it! Ever! I think I'm just lucky in that I'm uber sensitive... hehehe if anything, I get there too fast and then I'm done and my bf is still.. umm, carrying on. :P But I totally understand how you guys feel about when you just don't feel like it. You're all such good gfs/wives to still.. engage in such activites. I usually just push him off and turn the TV on and offer him food. hehehe that usually works :roflmfao:
  9. Since I regularly post on the internet using my real name and pic, I would never admit to such a thing.

    However, if we were speaking hypothetically, I might say that occasionally it is kinder to exhibit excessive enthusiasm and so doing might allow one to go to sleep without having to have a long conversation reassuring the possessor of a fragile male ego that his efforts were sufficient.
  10. Some times its just easier to "fake it". Sad but true.
  11. Great thread!
  12. I've faked it a bunch of times when I was tired and I knew it just wasn't going to happen but could tell that my b/f was trying really hard. :crybaby:
  13. I have to admit I've faked it... but I'm kind of surprised to see that nearly everyone else who has responded has too. It's kind of silly when you think about it, I mean, if your partner thinks you like having sex when you're tired then it's going to keep happening and you'll keep faking to be able to sleep, or if he's doing something wrong and you fake then he's just going to keep doing things wrong and you'll never really enjoy it. I guess we just feel pressured to fake it sometimes to avoid upsetting our partners, unfortunately.
  14. My first sexual relationship many many years ago was with a married man. I loved him desperately and wanted to make sure I could keep on to him – except that sex was so pathetic it was way more fun on my own. Anyway, there was never once I did not have to fake, just so we could get the sex out of the way and have a proper conversation.

    Happily, I never had to fake it after I got married. There are times I just don't need an orgasm but doesn't mean the sex isn't good.
  15. I love how you didn't answer the question, lol :P