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  1. Of picking the right Saffiano color...
    It must have been months that I've been indecisive of what I actually want. I know I want BN1801 coz of its chic look with strap on and I tend to lean toward buying bags that are non-black. So I just have 1 black reissue now. I know that you Prada fans would be able to give me good suggestions among
    Orange Papaya: Complete love at first sight but may not go with all outfit?
    Purple Viola: Vibrant and newer color can wear on more occasions than Papaya perhaps?
    Black: least worry because it will go with anything but simple

    Please help! What would be your choice? Thanks

    (I also posted the same thread in the reference library by mistake. Can anyone tell me how to delete own thread? Sorry and thanks again)
  2. YES omg that was my problem too. I bought my first Chanel in black but am currently regretting it because I don't actually use black bags, most of my outfits usually go with brighter coloured bags. But that also means I'm biased so you might want to take my comments with a grain of salt, haha.

    It seems like you are leaning towards a "different" colour but still want to stay classic. Have you thought about the Cobalto (cobalt) or Bluette (cornflower blue) colours. Both are beautiful. Cobalto is lighter and brighter and Bluette is a darker blue, both but are classic colours that still give you that little pop. You should look at what shades of clothing you usually wear and then see what matches that best. From the colours you've put out, I would personally go for the Viola. Prada orange is TOO bright, almost neon. If it was more a coral colour, I'd go for that.

    I actually just bought my own BN2274 in Fuoco (red) recently. I had a hard time deciding between Bluette or Fuoco but in the end I've always really wanted a red bag, so I went for it.
  3. hell, I had the same "problem". The right shape was more easy to choose ... but wait, if I remember right, it was a fight between BN1801, BN1786 and BN2274, so color and shape is more of a 50/50 descision haha. I was looking for a classic color, too. First, argilla (clay grey) seemed to be the right color and I kept at it for a very long time. Then, I tried the black one in store ... :loveeyes: ... reconsidered. I also had other colors in mind like cornflower or fuoco, but I kind of trusted my gut feeling and finally choosed black.
  4. I had a slight panic this morning when I went to pick up my bag because I couldn't come to a final decision on the color. The bag I had on hold was Grafite but I kept toying back and forth between that one and the same bag in Sabbia.

    I ended up going with Grafite because I tend to wear mostly black and grey and the Sabbia was a little too yellowish for most of my wardrobe.

    I agree with the other posters that you should look at what colors you tend to wear most often and make your decision based on that. All of the colors you listed are great so I don't think you can go wrong.
  5. Thanks Pinkrose you are totally right I still want the classic look. Bluette is a very pretty color also. Gosh now more colors for me to consider haha... I love Fuoco. Congrats by the way to own such a beauty!! :smile:
  6. Tiny Flower I think black is a great investment and can be the best value spent because you cannot go wrong with it. I never thought black was my consideration but I know I will use it as everyday if I end up with this color. (Size was somewhat my problem too! I gotta confess).
  7. Congrats Malloree! Modeling pic please!! :smile: I'm sorry I don't know what color Sabbia and Grafite are. Are they dark grey?
  8. I believe Sabbia is also referred to as "sand" and Grafite is a dark grey (and I think it has a very slightly, brownish undertone in certain lights).
  9. I would personally choose the orange papaya, it's the perfect pop of color. I own the saffiano tote in Cameo, which is great if you want a neutral bag which isn't boring :smile:
  10. I'm in the same boat! Black is soooo versatile, but all those beautiful colours are so tempting! I do thinka blue would be nice though!
  11. I was just having this dilemma between fuoco red or their vernice saffiano tote in red...but have settled my mind on the fuocol.
  12. Thanks all! I think I will settle with Papaya :smile: and hope to find one in store as its such a popularity!
  13. Good luck with your choice...
    Go with whatever you love..
    And tell us when u got it..
  14. i was stuck between cameo and black. then 1876 or 2274.
    I went to the Prada store when I had time to kill and someone was holding the caramel, and I sort of fell in love with it.. then decided to get the caramel on a whim. Received the 1876 in caramel today. Loving the bag itself, but not quite sure I made the right decision choosing the right colour.. Maybe I should've got the cameo...
  15. definitely!! I bought the bluette 1786 and didn't feel as happy as I should cause I was lusting after the papaya, which didnt have the double zips at that time! Still regretting it sometimes! Btw, Does Prada allow customers to change colors in different countries?