Have you ever experienced..?

  1. Have you ever experienced you started to have a doubt/second thought on any of your H bags or items just after you bought them, but kept them anyway?..and ended up not loving it?

    I bought alot of stuffs impulsively and end up not loving them..don't get me wrong..I LOVEEEE :heart::heart::heart:alot of my H stuffs to death! But some are just:confused1::hysteric:'what on earth I bought these???' kind of things...actually, it's quite sad:crybaby:..

    Have you had this kind of moment???:sweatdrop:
  2. Well, I'm having a moment sort of similar but not quite as definite about one of my bags.....well, actually TWO of my most recent acquisitions. GAH! I HATE when that happens. You THINK the bag(s) are perfect for you, you really do...... but once you get them home, you realize that they just might not be as perfect as you thought they'd be.

    I'm not generally an impulse buyer especially at these prices so when I make a mistake I really feel awful about it for the longest time. But I tend to fix the problem sooner than later which is good because this means the imperfect bag I bought for myself becomes the perfect bag for someone else!
  3. I can relate too....
  4. Not yet but I am thinking about color and that worries me that I'll get a bag that will look great in the store but stay on my shelves at home!
  5. S'Mom, would you mind sharing what is bothering you about those two bags? It's OK if you don't feel it's the right time/place to do that now. I am just curious because I often like many of the bags you have, and I share your preference for 28 in a Kelly.
  6. I'm having that moment, right now, not having actually forked over the $ for the bag yet...I have the same bag but with different hardware. Struggling to figure out what to do.
  7. I don't know what's wrong with me! I regret buying some of my H items, not because they aren't beautiful. They are REALLY well made and beautiful...they just don't fit into my taste...:push:sad:I wish I had realized it when I was at the store before I bought them)

    I have NOT had any buyer's remorse with Hermes RTW yet(I love every single RTW pieces I own. They are just perfect and precious:love:)..but 'buyer's remorse' often happens with bags (mostly with non-exotic ones) and scarves(very often!)..some cadenas..:s
  8. I have some vintage pieces I find myself wondering :shrugs: why? Did I turn into Hermes Rescue or what? But none of them were that expensive and I like looking at them. I was thinking for about 2 minutes about a chocolat/ebene troika anything because the color is so pretty, but I really think I would regret it as soon as I walked out ( that would make 3 troikas).......but then again, that brown is so rich.
  9. I know exactly what you mean. I have a couple of kelly bracelets that are way too large for my wrist. I just can't understand why I didn't stop with my first purchase. It all seems so silly now.
  10. Aspenmartial, you are definitely not alone. There's something about being at the store and having to make that snap judgment in the middle of the orange haze that can really impair your judgment.

    Hermes does this to me; sometimes what I think will work while I'm in the store, or on here, or just even plain thinking "rationally," just doesn't work in my daily life.

    One example are warmer shades in the golds/browns---I always thought that these are such great neutrals that everyone should own and had a few at one time, but it turns out they don't work on me very well. Alternatively, I've also been very attracted to certain colors or bags for purely aesthetic reasons, then find that once I bring them home, I hardly wear them. It can be very hard with H!
  11. Well, the two bags in question have similar construction...both Sellier.....and while I adore Sellier I find bags in the 28cm size harder to get in and out of than retourne in the same size and I wind up editing my stuff when moving from one bag to another.....there's a tighter fit inside the Sellier than the Retourne. And since I have a rather grab-n-go lifestyle this construction just doesn't work for me. I just have to admit it and stop trying to fit that square peg in the round hole. KWIM?
  12. You are good! I wish my damages are just like your damage..Mines are quite big damages though...:push::sweatdrop:
  13. aspenmartial, is it that once you've worn them a few times, you feel you've bought the wrong sizes? or that the bags just don't really fit your needs in terms of fragility of leather, or colour? or do they duplicate each other (similar colours, leathers, styles, etc.)?
  14. Sadly all of the above you mentioned. Some of them have not been used at all even once from the day I bought them...:crybaby:I need to learn from 'trial & error' but I guess I am still learning...:sad:
  15. It's a process, J. It really is. I think it's taken me years to cull my collection to what it is right now and STILL I'm sitting with two bags I'm on the fence about....so, it's all trial and error. I don't know anyone who gets it right, right off the bat. KWIM?