Have you ever emailed another bidder to say that a bag is fake?

  1. Ok..

    So I was going to bid on a Ginger Kooba on eBay. It caught my eye mostly because its in the UK so I 100% wont get customs charges on it.
    It looked a bit weird though so I asked the girls on here about it, ans we decided that it was definatley a fake for various reasons.

    Now I have seen that someone else had bid on it, so for some strange reason it got me cross that the seller was pedalling fakes, so I emailed the bidder with links to this forum and pics of a real ginger for her to compare.

    She has answered and seems eager to see for herself if its fake or not, but now I wonder if I should have left it alone. After all....Im not losing out.

    Have you ever told another bidder that the item they were bidding on was fake? What would you think if you were the bidder and had recieved an email like that??
  2. I have been tempted, but you can actually get in trouble for interferring with the auction. Also, you never really know how the bidder is going to react so I just let it go, although I do feel bad. Although, if it was me, I would be grateful if I was warned.
  3. I did that once. I emailed a lady that was bidding on a fake Vuitton Ellipse to tell her that the bag she is going to get was definitely NOT the bag in the auction pics as all the pics were STOLEN FROM MY AUCTION!!!:rant: I even emailed her my completed auction # (so she can have a look at the pictures) but she insisted that the seller of the bag she was bidding on guaranteed that the bag is authentic.:shocked: Whatever.
  4. I don't email the bidders but will report a fake to eBay.
  5. Unfortunately, as I have learned on this forum, if you email a potential buyer you are interfering with the auction and eBay could suspend your account. Sad, but you can only report the listing as counterfeit. Even that doesn't work all the time.
  6. I contacted a bidder ref an auction we were both bidding on to let her know I thought we were being conned with shill bidding - she was very nice and also grateful. We both contacted ebay and he's still trading and still shilling his own auctions.
  7. Wow, I did not know this. I think I have emailed a bidder before to warn them about the fake bag. I also report counterfeits. I won't email bidders again. Too risky, I suppose.
  8. I haven't ever emailed another bidder due to the rules mentioned here, but I do report and if there are bidders on the item, I try to convey that this is of greater urgency and refer to my concerns about their potential purchase when reporting the auction to Ebay. No idea what happens next, but I hope it makes some difference.
  9. I used to, all the time. I stopped when I started getting responses from girls telling me to mind my business or that I was just telling them that so I could win the bag myself. Sooooo,

    I stopped. If buyers dont do their research on the bags or seller and end up with a fake bag, it's their fault.

    And its SO not my problem.
  10. I did just last week. I reported the listing to eBay 3 times in 4 days, they did not pull it. Some poor gal paid $450.00 for a fake Tods d-Bag. I sent a message to the winner and simply referred her to the eBay discussion Forum for authentication of her purchase. There is no interference there, just a friendly suggestion to use eBay forums.
    Hope she did.
  11. Hi I did contact a seller of a fake bag, I also provided the link of this website (it was mentioned there) she then mailed back that she thought it herself too, she was not going ahead with the sale. A hint if you try to contact someone on Ebay try to not mention brandnames or item numbers as Ebay then won't let you contact.
  12. I did email a buyer once since I just got scammed by the same seller. But for other items, I usually report them, then add them to my watch list, and keep reporting them if I have time... :graucho:
  13. yes i have
    but you get suspended
    I saw a fake chanel 2.55 sell three days ago for over 1000us dollars
    you can report them but e bay do nothing
    except suspend the proven trusted sellers
    oh well
    also now in the uk, the search does not show hardly any bags at all 30 percent plus fakes
    lots from usa, non from europe I dont know what they are doing but I just hope a specialist site ( we know the one) is supported and made a star site for totally guaranteed authentic designer bags
    e bay deserve to be sued and I hope vuitton and dior win
  14. I've emailed buyers and its all in what you say. Let them know you're only writing to them because you care and hate to see people get stuck with a fake. I also ask them not to reveal to the seller that I wrote to them because it can get me in trouble. Ironically enough, you'd think a fake seller would NOT report you because THEN they are admitting to eBay that the bag could be fake and they get their auction pulled! That happened once. All ebay was write to me and tell me not to do that again. The 1st time you get caught they appreciate your intentions to 'keep ebay a safe place to trade' but after that they'd probably suspend you.
  15. I have never emailed anyone regarding a fake bag since it is against the rules, but I have reported many. Unfortunalely, the don't get pulled most of the time. I commend you for taking the extra step, and I am sure the person you notified is thankful. I always feel so bad when I see that. Some people really just don't know.