Have you ever dyed your clothing?

  1. Ok, I have a kind of weird question...

    I have a pair of skinny black pants (the Audrey Hepburn ones from the Gap) that I love, but they just aren't black enough. They look kind of faded to me but I know they haven't actually faded because they've been that color since I bought them. So, I've been thinking about dying them to make them darker. Has anyone ever done anything like this before? Do you think it will work?

    Normally I'd just get rid of them and buy a new pair, but I have long legs and had a really hard time finding black skinny pants that were long enough. I'd hate to get rid of these since they fit perfect.

    Any advice or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
  2. When I was in high school, I accidentally spilled bleach on my favorite pair of black pants. I went out and bought some dye for it and it didn't work. The only thing the dye dyed were the pockets on the inside (they are usually white), and the label of the pants.

    But I hear some dry cleaners will dye clothing, it might be pricey.
  3. I tried dying some black clothes because I thought the colour had faded using a home dying kit of some sort. It didn't work.
  4. Darn, sounds like this won't work. So no one has had any success with dying black clothes to make them blacker?
  5. Go to dharmatrading.com and get an indigo or navy colored dye, and put them in a plastic bucket to soak in that for a while, it should make them blacker.
  6. I tried to 'tea-stain' a white blouse once and it turned out an utter disaster.

    Take them to a good dry-cleaners and ask them for help.