Have you ever dreamt of a bag that doesn't exist? Does it?

  1. Last night I had a dream, that I had a Grey work with GSH! :drool: It was actuallly GREY, not Greige or Anthracite or steel, but Grey!

    Yes B-bags are actually in my dreams these days! :nuts:

    I don't even think this bags exists..... does it? Will it? Could it? :confused1:
  2. THat would be cute!!... As far as if it exists or if it could I have no clue!! I love dreams about bags!!!
  3. Maybe you dreamed about the new argent that's rumored for FW 08
  4. I was gonna say maybe you were dreaming about the fall/winter 08 grey that will be appearing soon! they'll probably have it in RH GGH and GSH!
  5. Ohhhh I hope, I hope, I hope! :nuts:
  6. I can picture it in my mind, perfectly! Please oh please let my dream come true!