Have you ever dream about LV?

  1. Last night I had this nightmare about the LV collection... I woke up in sweat. :weird:

    Has anyone ever dream about their LV being damaged?
  2. Oh! You Poor Thing! Nightmares Are No Fun ~ Especially Over Something You Like!

    I Definitely Have Had LV Nightmares (It's Hard To Remember What They Were Now).
  3. Yes I definitely dreamt about LV especially when I first joined this forum :smile: But my dream was more me in a fantasy LV shop with ALL the bags on display, and I couldn´t make my choice, and I woke up ! very reality based type of situation as I can never decide.....
  4. Yes many
  5. yes yes! when i cldn't decide which one to get!!
  6. OMG! I just woke up after dreaming about LV all night! I am obsessing bc I want the Baggy PM and I can't get it! lol!
  7. After people were starting to talk about the fringe bags, I dreamed about a entire line of fringe bags, including pochettes, wapitys, etc (in the white MC, of course). Even though I don't really like the bags, they looked AMAZING in my dreams...ha ha ha:biggrin:
  8. Yes.. mine was bad though.. my Speedy ended up getting "char-grilled" in the sun... :cry:

    Good thing it was jus a dream... and lil Speedy is as good as new... :amuse:
  9. Thank goodness there are other people out there as wacko as me. :wacko: I lay awake at night thinking about the bag I have and wondering which one I'll get next.:love: Out of the blue I'll ask my husband's opinion about a bag or tell him something I learned from here. He thinks I'm nuts.
  10. My unrelentless need to return my green denim Neo speedy for my green denim baggy GM came to me in a dream after viewing Jill's pics, earlier that evening!I always dream of what I obsess about.:wacko:
  11. I dream about Louis Vuitton all the time. One time, i had a dream that i designed this new pair of boots for LV. :noworry:
    Most of the time, i dream of drowning in LVs. hehhehe:love:
  12. same here...
    btw is that a golden pup in ur avatar??
  13. acctually i have it was so so so horrorable, unlike you guyys i was inflicting the pain on my poor lv i had these huge sharp scissors and was cutting up my lv ipod case and for what reason you may ask, cos i was sick of it and i wanted to sew the lv symbols on my clothes, i woke up in a huge panic and sweat, i got my ipod case out of it box it make sure it was intact and i had a shower and tea to calm myself down
  14. oh my goodness...I thought I was crazy when I dreamt about it....glad to see I'm not the only one. :P

    I was debating what to get for my first LV...and did TONS of research...and I guess if you look at something for so many times during the day, it's easy to think about it at night. At the time, I was debating between the Parioli and the Batignolles Horizontal, and I dreamt about when one I'm going to pick, I was weighing out the difference between the 2 in my dream. haha...I woke up, told my bf, he said I'm crazy. :wacko: The sucky thing is that I was not able to make up my mind still. After that dream, I have been to the store and still couldn't decide...gosh, it's been bugging me...the bf called me OBESSED today...haha, too bad, he has to deal with that. :king: (oh, now it's not a battle between the Parioli and the Horizontal anymore...it's something else :Push: )
  15. I only have dreams when I have already made a purchase. I just can't wait for it to get to my house, so I have dreams. It's crazy! I'm obsessed!