Have you ever done this.....!!

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  1. :mad:I am writing this basically to winge. I lent my mono papillon 30 to my sister last summer ( i have 4 of them, sisters, not bags ;) who lives in Canada because she was down and i thought that it would cheer her up..... and anyway i lent it to her on the condition that she sends it back to me in October when a relative was coming to England and they would bring it with them. She ' forgot ' to send it, and promised she would register post it in January. Its now February.....and no bag.:sad:

    I have asked so many times now without trying to sound obsessed about it, but I REALLY WANT IT BACK!!!!! I have a good rltshp with her so i dont know why she has not sent it. She works part time, has a baby and i know she is busy. But she spends alot of her time going gym and socialising etc and i think it is not very nice that she has not taken time to post it back. It is really bugging me. If somehow she has ruined it i will feel uncomfortable asking her for £600 to replace it. That is roughly 1150 canadian dollars i think, and there is NNNNOOOOOOO way she will pay that. There is only so many times you can ask to have it back right?? i feel embarressed asking over and over!!! She should be embaressed, NOT ME?!!?

    So now i feel stupid for lending it to her.......Have any of you lent a bag to someone and they either damaged it or did not give it back for ages????
  2. I'm sorry but I would NEVER lend anyone one of my LV's! lol

    I would lend it to my sister I guess, but she lives 20 mins away from me lol
  3. Nope. I don't lend out my bags, usually only evening bags. My friend did keep forgetting to get it back to me, so I told her I had an event and she dropped it by.

    If you have a good relationship with your sister you should really have a conversation with her about it. Ask her why she hasn't sent it back and what the delay is. Tell her that you miss it and that you would appreciate it if she got it back to you as soon as possible.

    If she did destroy it, then I would ask her to get you a new one. There is no reason why you should feel bad about this. IMO, if you lend someone something they have an obligation to 1) return it in the condition you lent it or 2) replace it if it is lost or stolen. If she refuses to do either, I would let it go but never ever lend her anything else.

    Good luck!
  4. That is why I don't lend any of my bags and if I did I would have to prepare myself that is is a possibility of taking a loss. If the bag comes back damaged or they don't return it then what, ya know!! Sorry your having this problem :sad:
  5. My gosh, she is your Sister?? not that I am not polite with my Sis, but if she did that I would be screaming on the phone at her!!! it is not like she borrowed a pair of jeans, it is a LV for goodness sake! I think it is time to stop dancing around the issue with her, she must know you are upset, how could she not know??? I share bags with my Mom only, we switch back and forth, that is as far as my bags go.
  6. its an awkward situation.

    furthermore it annoys me when people ask to borrow my designer items when i spent the money to buy them and they have all these extra savings but try and reap the benefits of my spending.

  7. I have told her quite a few times, adding it onto end of phone conversations or emails....but i fed up of asking.

    I will make it clear, once and for all, that i want it back. Or i will have to ask her to replace it. If she doesnt, i think i will just have to let it go like you said. I dont want to fall out with her, but this is causing tension from my side....i think she just ignoring the whole issue!!:hrmm:

  8. i know right?? i thought i was doing something nice, but now i am the one feeling down about it. I want to think that our relationship more important than a bag but its the principle...
  9. thanx to all of you...i know it seems obvious to get mad at her and demand it back....i think i kinda scared to fight over it. But on the other hand, i am frustrated inside. Also my hubby makes it worse because he makes comments like -- oh i hope she got money to replace it... or i wonder if she knows how to look after the vachetta----these comments make me feel worse :sad: told him to stop cuz it makes me realize i made a mistake lending it....will NEVER lend one again!

    Have any of your friends who borrowed your bags, damaged or carried it in the rain, or mark the vachetta???? I dont think i would borrow anything i could not replace....
  10. Well I've NEVER lent any of my purses simply because I work hard for them and if someone else wanted what I have they can work just as hard to get it. However, I've lent out other personal things and I agree; when you've asked more than three times for something and they still don't give it back it's embarrassing and awkward to keep on asking. Even though, in reality it should be them that should feel embarrassed not you. I would just talk to her and tell her you really want it back because that specific bag means a lot to you. If she has damaged it, it's only fair she pays for it.
  11. thanx 0lily0, thats the problem. I am embarressed, i am older 33 she is 30 but i dont want to be the big sister having a hissy fit over a baaaaggggg, but means more to me i suppose. I am going to canada in July so i know for sure i will get it then, but not nice of her to make me wait that long. And i have horrible feeling that it will not look like how i gave it, and that makes me cringe more.....moral of the story, never to lend LV again :hrmm:
  12. It has crossed my mind to lend out my bags, but I can't think of anyone in my close circle that is as cautious about my bags than I am!! Just the thought of a bag returned with scratches, stains, pen marks, etc.. makes me shudder!
  13. If she refuses to give it back, I'd casually say "well, I'll drop an invoice in the mail" or something to that affect. Like - that you do intend on her replacing it.

    I know it's too late now - but I let my sister borrow something expensive once, and told her flat out if she ruined it or in any way damaged it, I expected her to replace it. She takes care of stuff, but you never know what others in a bar will do!

    You're being too nice, which is prob why she's not responding. She knows you will get sick of asking for it.
  14. I wouldn't lend out my bags for that very same reason. I hope you get it back.