Have you ever done this?

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  1. I was in Port Authority in NYC tonight on my way home from work when I spotted a woman with the Montorgueil GM and I practically sprinted after her to see the bag, how she carried it, how it looked, the size, the straps, etc. I haven't gone to the boutique to see it yet - I'm putting it off until I have some money, because I have a feeling I'll buy it if I go. So I'm living vicariously through others and their bags!:shame:
  2. I have--in fact, I did this this past weekend in Vegas. I saw a lady carrying a mirage speedy and tried not to make it too obvious that I was admiring her bag. I also saw a lady with a tivoli gm and also tried to "not look". Vegas is a great place to people watch and bag watch.:smile:
  3. LOL EmilyAnne... I have done the same thing! However, I haven't had the chance to do it in Vegas! I bet that would be fantastic!
  4. LOL, I've done it too.
  5. I was at a hotel last week and saw a lady with the new azur Berkeley and was totally gaga over it! She got into the elevator with us and we got off the elevator on the same floor, so I commented about her bag and how much I loved it...practically followed her to her room! She also had the croisette bag charm/key ring on the bag...it is a beautiful bag in person!
  6. I'm so bad...I was meeting a girl, whom I've never met and just giving her something and she was carrying the Neverfull. This is when it first came out and I asked her if I could try it on and everything! She must've thought I was nuts!
  7. Totally! My DH would totally understand if I preferred to sit somewhere with a drink for some good people/bag watching while he gambled. It's honestly like watching a real life catalog--both fake and real!
  8. You guys are brave!! I would never do that, and in most public situations (like in Port Authority) I would never stop for someone who did that to me. There's too many wackos in NY!! But if I were at a party, office setting, school, etc., I would (reluctantly) oblige someone else, but still never ask to touch or try on someone else's purse. I guess I'm funny about those things, I just don't like strangers touching my things. I'm a bit of a germophobe also and I would think you gave my purse the flu bug or something (or that I'd pick up the flu bug from your purse) ...
  9. Haha yeah, I've done this. Rarely though since there are hardly any LV bags around here. I saw a lady with a Tivoli GM at the grocery store and nonchalantly gawked at it :shame:. Of course, while I was in my LV stupor the bag guy had to ask me paper or plastic twice :nogood:.
  10. lol! I almost chased a woman down the sidewalks of DC yesterday because I LOVED her bag. I have no idea who it was by but it was beautiful!
  11. i dont think the OP stopped the person or asked to try on their bag.....lol
  12. Ha, you are right, I was just admiring from afar!
  13. Lol, I have done that! Especially when it's a bag I've never seen before!
  14. yes :shame:
  15. ooopssss!!!!!
    :shame::shame::shame: Sorry ... I thought you stopped and asked to touch it. I meshed what you said with what someone else said. :shame::shame::shame: (Reading - is - fundamental!!)

    And since I now know you are talking about discreetly gawking, yes I do that all the time!!