Have You Ever Disappeared?

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  1. There's a thread in another section about people disappearing out of your life. This thread is for the opposite.

    Have you ever just disappeared? Just walked away from someone or something and never looked back? If so, did you ever regret it, even years later? Probably not a good idea to get into specifics, if you know what I mean. ;)

    I have. More than once. Sometimes it worked out the way I hoped it would. But not always.
  2. Of course. I did that 2 times with ppl I was involved with romantically, I moved from the place I was leaving, changed my phone number, jobs, even my name slightly so they coudn't trace me back, one guy was a regular stalker that would even go to my ex colleagues and lie to them that my parents were in horrific accidents to find out my new number or adress, the other was an abusive boyfriend, and once from a stupid job they used to bully me. I don't regret it, I'd do it again if I need to.
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    Yes. From high school associates and best friends by the age of 18. I didn't do anything to change my name, SSN, move to another state, etc. In fact, I'm still living in the exact same house that I've been in all my life. It's now been almost 6 years later, and I've only encountered a 3-4 people from high school/middle school just a few times, and most of them didn't even see me (I was avoiding them from afar). Most of these encounters took place at the big public library though, so without the library, I probably would've only encountered 1 person 1 time.

    I was never involved in high school and depressed, so I pretty much outcasted myself and tried to avoid almost everyone when I could. I was just against the school system even though for the most part, I got good grades just to avoid getting into trouble. As for the friends, I just drifted away from them to the point where they gave up on me. I did not return phone calls, initiate convos when I came across them, etc. We moved on, and it was painless to me.
    Oh, and neither of the disappearances were ever regretted, even now. Not that my relationship with my friends were bad or even average, my friends just didn't have a strong enough effect on me.
  4. Yeah, guess you could say that, but only one time that really caused angst and has taken a long time to accept/deal with... I've often regretted it, but know it was what was best for me so...
  5. There is one person that I would definitely have a very hard time leaving though, and that's my current SO. Even if we weren't romantic at all (and I had us start that way even with his "forced" kisses and touchy feelys), I'd still really miss him, wish him the best and the most painless, and feel a bit of agony, lol. I really would be lucky to find another like him. He's quite wonderful.
  6. In this age of technology and accessibility, it's pretty hard to "disappear" unless you are in the Witness Protection Program....
  7. I've done it and never regretted my decision.
  8. Yes. It's not something I'm proud of, but I can be very avoidant/detached and it's something I struggle with.
  9. I did it once in HS too. I changed HS and didn't talk to those people for a long time. However later in life things changed and when i run into them it doesn't bother me. Infact some of them are friends of facebook.
  10. Yes, many years ago.

    Now I think i've grown to be more mature and would deal with things.
  11. Yes from 2 best friends and I regret it to this day. Most of what happened I take total responsibility for. One friend I am now friends with on Facebook, but we don't do much interacting. I saw her one day this past summer at an ice cream place and she gave me a hug (she initiated). The other one I have run into once at Target and it was slightly awkard...I would love to have them both back in my life but not sure that will happen at this point.
  12. I've never really "disappeared", but I did cut certain people out of my life because they were unhealthy to my well-being. No regrets.
  13. I'm not so much talking about drifting off from people but staying in the same area. I'm talking about moving away, changing job fields, different vehicle(s), wiping or at least masking your web presence. Some combination of those things. No chance of bumping into them at a store.

    I'm in the middle of wiping some web tracks now. Disassociating myself with certain web groups. A disappearance in the virtual world from people who never knew where I lived to begin with and never knew my name.
  14. Yes, a couple times. And no, I have never regretted it.
  15. A lot of people disappear like that from tPF, and sometimes Vlad helps them :P.
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