Have you ever cried over an LV? When & Why?

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  1. I felt a little ridiculous the two times I cried, but since I had no control over it I must assume that was my honest reaction. It happened today when I tucked a flier under my arm and scratched up the leather handles on my DE speedy, I'm seriously considering getting the handles replaced.

    The other time was when I bought something from ShopBellaBag at friggin 7am, I called to make sure everything was ok, they talk to me like I'm an idiot for checking 5 seconds after I paid, and then call me 3 hours later to say they sold the bag to someone else!! I was really bummed because I had been hunting for the bag forever and already started wearing it in my mind. Plus with their coupon I got a great price. I would never buy from them again, if I wanted something swiped from under me I'll bid on eBay!
  2. Wow, I'm the ONLY one?! Well the story I heard about a woman who had an entire beer spilled in her purse would make ME cry. :cry:
  3. Many times !!!! In my dreams !!!!!
  4. I have a few.... The first was my speedy bag I was at the fountain machine getting a soda a woman slammed her self in next to where I was. She ended up totally covering my purse in soda. I felt horrible she said oh sorry and left. Ever since then I keep my bags away from the fountain machines.

    Another one is when I was at a restaurant and the waiter tipped my soda on my new neverfull bag. It was a huge mess I had to complain over 4 months I finally got a check in the mail to replace it well $30 short. It was hell dealing with it, nothing but rude people.
  5. ^^^Oh no! The waiter thing is one of my biggest fears so I only take DE when I go out to restaurants or anywhere that might be crowded.
  6. OP that sounds like an accident, you don´t need to feel bad about it, you love your bags and its ok to cry. I never before have cried for my bags, but if the soda thing or waiver happend to me i would sure be so mad that i cry for angry.

    Sasha what did you do in that moment on the restaurant? $30 are you kidding me? :rant: Once i was in a restaurant at Wynn in las vegas and a waiter let a fork felt down in a side of a costumer, just one side it didn´t even touch him, and she started to cry, i guess if she tipped a soda in a costumer bag maybe the restaurant should send her to buy a new bag in the lv next to the restaurant, in my dreams :pokey:
  7. This thread is interesting!! I cried one time when I was a complete mess & late for work & it was pouring and dark. I grabbed my white empreinte artsy and cover it with the closest thing I found: a Disney's Car throw/blanket and ran to the car. After I managed to get to work on time, I looked at my purse in the car and half of the white leather has turned BLUE!! From the throw!! I broke down in tears and called my SO.

    The ending? Few minutes later I realized It wasn't even a color transfer but some shadow from where I parked in the building. It went through the mirror and shed on the bag and my brilliant mind suddenly thought I just ruined my beautiful purse!. LMAO. My SO cracks up every time he tells that story to our friends.
  8. I actually gasped when I read the first part!! And then had a sigh of relief with the second. :hugs:

    I'm sure I would cry if I ruined my bag, not boo-hoo cry, but I probably would shed a tear. I mean these are expensive bags that can't be covered by insurance, some of them cost as much as a used car. That girl who had her speedy ripped to shreds and posted it on eBay, I would definitely cry if my BF purposely destroyed my bag.

  9. this is hilarious! :roflmfao: thanks, you just gave me a good break from work :graucho:
  10. well i am always on the verge of crying everytime i by chance scratch my bag, be it with my hands, or somebody else does it or if it hits something etc...though i take a lot of care and even i am not that paranoid, such things do make me sad :sad: ..but then after sometime i console myself and go back to the normal mood :smile:
    p.s: even at times it has happened that i am in a mall, and by chance if i hit my bag then i stop, take a look at the bag for 10 secs to find any scratch marks etc.. but then i think its normal (well atleast in my opinion :P)...
    btw interesting post...
  11. I think I'd cry if I accidentally messed up the bag severely due to my own actions, like not looking at where I was putting it down, thinking about that type of deal, etc. Beyond that, I don't really mind if they get a little scratch or two because somebody bumps into it. As long as they're not "damaged" in a way that makes them significantly less functional or aesthetically pleasing, I'm fine.

    I did see an instance, though, when I was a Junior in high school of a girl crying over a bag. She had just gotten a NF and had it laying up against her desk on the side towards the aisle. Our teacher tended to pace around the room while lecturing, so he was walking through the aisles, and suddenly (while passing by the girls bag) gets his foot caught in one of the straps while the other is caught on the desk leg. Within the time frame of about 1 second, her bag went from being perfect to having one strap become ripped off the bag at one side, and she went BALLISTIC.

    I felt really bad for her, but the way she freaked out almost made me laugh. I sympathized with her, but she literally got up bawling in tears and started screaming "I JUST BOUGHT THIS F&%$ING BAG YESTERDAY, I HATE YOU! YOU'RE PAYING FOR THIS!!" and she ran out of the class as the teacher pulled himself together and continued.

    In the end, I think her parents just payed for it to be repaired. Lol.
  12. Haha ! Best story ever.

    On my first day of wearing my first ever LV bag that I saved up for about...five months for. I wore a red shirt without thinking of colour transfer and COMPLETELY dyed the back of my brand new satchel red :smile:
  13. Yes, I cried when I first sold an LV bag...I didn't want to let go, but eventually I got over it when I bought new purses.
  14. No - though I was close to tears when I had my husband return my Kusama Speedy yesterday.
  15. so sorry.... why did he return it?