Have you ever counted your bags?

  1. When I do my Spring cleaning next month I will have a more accurate count. But I would venture to say that I have over 100 handbags and close to 300 pair of shoes. This is not exact....but I have about 10 guccis, 4 fendis, 3 louis vuittons, 12 coaches, 5 dooney and bourkes, 1 prada, 5 michael kohrs, and countless nine west, kathy von zeeland, guess, bcbg, ralph lauren, etc. I will be getting my first chanel reallllll soooooon. Is this bordering on obsessive compulsive disorder!? :smile: How many bags do you have?
  2. I'm doing an inventory (grumble, grumble, evil, nasty insurance agent not covering pretty purses) of all of my bags, so I actually have an accurate count.
    Not quite 100 bags - I just cleaned out my closet. I'm down to fourty-six bags: 5 high end designers, 12 medium (Coach, D&B, Juicy, ect.) and 29 "It just looked fun" or souviner bags.
    That doesn't count wallets. Wallets are where I tend to go crazy... I haven't yet counted them, but last I checked had about 20...
  3. I have a list going, including all the prices... gulp! :push:
  4. Wow you guys!

    I only have twelve bags, but I consider it to be eleven since my Gucci is now for sale.

    (5) Louis Vuitton
    (2) Botkier
    (2) kate spade
    (1) Bulga
    (1) Coach

    Does not count small accessories :smile: I have four wallets, six wristlets, an agenda, a cles, a couple cosmetics bags... etc etc!

    But only 11 bags.
  5. That is a lot...I have
    1- Louis Vuitton Bag & Wallet (soon to be 2)
    1- Marc Jacobs
    1- Gucci
    1- Dior
    1- Furla
    1- Fendi
    2- Coach
    1- Longchamp
  6. Ooo this is a fun thread! Don't have too many so this should be a pretty easy inventory. The bags I currently have in my possession (some are in storage) are:

    2 LV
    2 Gucci
    2 Prada
    1 Ferragamo
    1 Miu Miu
    1 YSL

    So 9 total. Shoes, on the other hand, would be a whole different story...:p
  7. Hmmm:

    1 Chloe
    1 Chloe wallet
    2 Balenciaga

    Plus a whole lot of cheap 'fun' bags:shame:
  8. Yikes- off the top of my head...Bags only......
    5- Chloe
    7- LV
    8- Fendi
    5- Gucci
    2- Prada
    2- Kooba
    1- Chanel
    2- Calvin Klein clutches
    8- Coach
    I know I'm missing a few, this doesn't include wallets, cosmetic pouches and lower end bags....
    Shoes I cannot even count, although I don't think it's hundreds...YET!
  9. Okay I'll take a bite, let's see?

    4 Prada's
    3 Chloe's
    2 Valentino's
    1 Kooba
    1 Isabella Fiore
    1 Salvatore Ferrigamo
    1 Coach
    1 50's black Vintage Frame Purse (leather interior and out).
    1 Gold no name clutch

    5 Coach purse bags bought in the early 90's that are irreplacable because no one makes this kind of stuff anymore.
  10. I can't count that high! I got boxes and boxes stored of all kinds of crazy bags! YIKES!
  11. I don't want to know. :sad:
  12. I have...

    1- louis vuitton
    1- dior
    1- coach
    1- burberry
    1- lesportsac tokidoki
    1- gucci

    my goal is to get atleast one bag from each designer collection :p
  13. I don't count my bags. All I know is my bag cabinet is oh so teeming already :biggrin:
  14. 3 chanel :love:
    1 lv
    1 gucci
    1 prada
    1 burberry
  15. no i don't...
    i hate to know how crazy i am with bags and shoes, and how much i spent ouchhh....