Have you ever considered working for H?

  1. Hello everyone,

    Have you ever considered working for Hermès???

    I am so addicted to H that I am wondering if I have to send them my resume...

    I am moving south with DH soon so it could be a new professional opportunity;)

    Do you know someone who's working for the company? Are the conditions good?

    And finally, what's your opinion: go for it or better to keep work and passion separetly?:shame:
  2. Working for Hermes in retail? Or management? A retail job usually doesn't pay well enough for H bags... something to think about.
  3. It would be more in managment since I am a marketing manager but Perhaps I have to start from scratch since I have never been a SA.:nogood:
  4. i'd rather not... coz knowing the mark-up on the bags we've paid for would make me rather ill...:crybaby::wtf::cursing:
  5. The brother in law of a close friend of mine was a manager in marketing for H in 24 Fbg. I think their conditions are acceptable ;).
    I have considered working for them but gave up that thought pretty quickly because at the end of every month I would owe THEM money and not the other way round.
  6. exactly hello! that is exactly why I turned a position in the buying department at Neimans when I was first out of college.

    I would be dead broke!
  7. I think working for H would totally ruin the "magic" of the brand for me. I don't want my work and my addiction to be one and the same!
  8. LOL Hello! I hear you....not to mention the fact that I think the SAs are limited in what and how much they can buy. Can you imagine your grail bag coming through and having to turn a blind eye? That would be torture!
  9. Oh my God, I haven't even thought of that! Horrible!
  10. Personally I would have a problem with it. Especially if I purchased a Birkin and had my initials and employee id number on it like the sale stamp.
  11. Personally, I know that I am a good salesperson and especially if I love something...I can sell buckets of it...so I would rather take that talent and work somewhere else that I love that earns commission, and then take my earnings to H :amuse:
  12. I learned my lesson early on in life. Never make your hobby your job. It completely ruins the magic and turns something joyful into drudgery........
  13. Sage advice.

    I need a job that will pay for my H fetish. In Toronto, our luxury retail store (like Barney's or BG) is Holt Renfrew. One of the saleswomen there is a woman of a certain age, and married to a very well respected orthopedic surgeon. She works there not for $ - but because, in her words, "every day is like Christmas". She loves beautiful clothes (and they get a SUBSTANTIAL discount on all of their purchases)... She is better dressed than most of her high end customers!!!
  14. Hummm...Piaff it is axactly what I had in mind!!

    Not that money is no object but the drive to work for a brand you really love and believe in!!!

    I know that they have VAP (employee special sales) and well, eventhough you are restricted in terms of purchases, someone you know can still come a pick up the good for you:supacool:
  15. Me too, S'Mom, I think I would start having tissue and ribbon nightmares after 6 months.:yucky: