have you ever complained?

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  1. anyone actually wrote a formal complaint letter?
    talked to the sales manager about poor customer service?
    i've been seeing a lot of poor customer service lately from tPF'ers...i mean i've been once and as soon as i find that the customer service is bad i will switch to another SA by walking over to the other side of the store...

    if you have done so..what was the response? any examples of how they tell their customers that they will follow up on specific cases?

    btw, i hate poor customer service, esp because of its reputation :yucky:
  2. i never have, but i think it should be done to some SAs. some of them just think they're god's gift to LV and that they're better than their customers... shame...
  3. I find that you get what you give when it comes to SAs. I worked in retail years ago and can totally see where SAs (esp. high end brands) are coming from. Some customers will come in and have an attitude about them, thinking just because a person is behind the counter it makes him/her lower than you somehow. I don't blame SAs giving an attitude back. I haven't encountered any SAs with attitudes but did come across SAs that are totally clueless.
  4. I have never done that before. But I'm curious to know to. :P
  5. Yea, I get what you mean by this. :yes: No doubt that there are evil SAs, and there are evil customers too. :rolleyes:

    And I don't really mind clueless SAs, though I expect them to at least help me to get the info through asking other SAs or manager, etc. But I'm annoyed with clueless SAs with a know-it-all attitude and act like they are right when obviously they are not. :Push:
  6. Nope, never complained before...so far so good..I've not had any bad experiences with SAs (yet)! I'm wondering though if it's got to do with the "store culture"? Some stores in particular do seem to cop a lot of flak for bad CS...
  7. I have never complained as I have always been happy. I do not ask for alot of help when I go into LV as I know what I want and I know what I like. I talk to the same gal on the 866 number and when I shop in the store I use the same SA. She loves helping me...I swear I educate her sometimes! She loves hearing about the forum etc.. so! So far so good for me. I am SHOCKED when I read about some of the things that go on with our Pfers and SA's!!!
  8. i swear that all the SA's i've dealt with were clueless SAs. :Push:

  9. of course an Sa deserves to be treated with respect no matter where they are working. HOwever just because your paycheck says louis vuitton, doesn't mean you walk on water.
  10. I have not complained, as I have no need to complain. I have not yet had a bad experience. Except I didn't get a box for my Speedy. But I'll have to ask next time in LV and have my car, and not flying on a plane. I want to ask for one.
    I hope I never have bad service. I sometimes think because the LV store I was in was so busy, that I found myself having to wait for a SA, but I didn't mind, as I didn't mind looking at everything lol.
  11. I have endured a number of rude SA's as well, only once did I complain. I called. What became of it? Nothing, the manager returned my call said she'd look into it...that was that. No further contact. Even though she had my name and phone numbger. When it's happened, I'm usually just ignored, no kidding, I admit. We are average Americans. I know that I don't come across as mean or better than others, if anything I come across as desperate to have somebody wait on me. Please, I know I don't have a Cartier or Rolex watch, my diamond isn't two carats of solid weight set in a Titanium setting and my car was NOT Valet parked. I am not there to buy out the store. That will never happen. I buy sparingly, we are not rich and it's a real luxury for us. I'm fairly well dressed, neat, not designer duds. The best and I do mean best treatment we ever got was at Hermes in Las Vegas. The SA's there were nice, even though we told them immediately we weren't buying, just looking. Second to that was the SA that waited on us at Paris Layfayette this summer. She was a wonderful girl, helpful and I'll always remember that shopping excusion and my Damier ALMA with a smile.

    On another note...somebody had bad treatment a while back at Boston and LV sent her a new AZUR Speedy and I think it was on them. I'm not sure. I can't imagine they'd do that, but I think that was what I read. Evidently, you need to complain to the right folks. It appears I didn't, LOL>
  12. Havent had a bad experience yet..my SA michelle is so awesome, she was the first person I ever encountered and I stuck to her!! I love her in an LV sort of way...lol..
  13. No, but this one azian SA in the LV in MNPLS is so clueless. I went in to see a sac chien 50 IRL and asked her if the one they had on the floor was the 40 or 50. She looked at me like a deer in the headlights. She said it only came in one size. I whipped my catalogue out of my abesses and showed her. She still denied it came in 2 sizes. I just bought it of elux. And I'vs had bad expirience with SAs in Japan and Hawaii.
  14. I complained about an annoying experience I had a little while ago and vuitton.com's customer service sent me a form email and said they would follow up, but never did. I doubt that they care in most instances.