Have you ever come face to face with your "twin?"

  1. For those of us who don't have a twin ;) .

    OK, yesterday I went downtown with my BF to watch the Seahawks game at a really nice sportsbar we've come to grow and love. Hawks sucked a** but that's another thread :sad: .

    Anyway, a girl was at a nearby table and I was floored and hoped I wasn't staring too much because she looked exactly like me or pretty damn close! OMG!

    Same height, same face shape (pale skin, round face with full cheeks, not angular), same hair (blonde highlights a little past shoulders, wavy but trying to smooth straight), slim but with definite curves and boo-tay and same style! Dark denim 7s, dark sweater and a leather jacket and boots. Exactly what I LIVE in all F/W. Shoot me, but I didn't catch what her bag was b/c I was so taken by all this! She was even having a burger and a couple beers with her BF - exactly what I would order...I don't like foofy girly girl drinks.

    Please don't think me a weirdo and my apologies to this girl if I freaked her out...but I've never run into someone who so closely resembles me in looks, style and food choices :upsidedown: .

    Anyone else?
  2. My daughter swears that there is a waitress at a restaurant that she goes to in Baltimore, with her father, that looks exactly like me. Hmmm...
  3. I haven't seen my look-a-like, but last week at the gym I saw my brother. I literally thought my brother came to surprise me- It freaked me out and I couldn't lift another weight the entire time. I made Vlad stare too.. and then I followed this poor boy aorund just staring. I was SOOOOOOO weirded out!!!

    Turns out I was the one being the weirdo :roflmfao:
  4. Ok, not trying to scare ppl here but since we are getting close to Halloween and this is kind of related to "twins", I'm going to share this ...

    There's a belief that a person actually has two other "twins" in the world. Most ppl will never meet the other "twin", let alone two of them. However, if a person does manage to meet both of his/her "twins", then at the time that the second "twin" is met, that person will die.

    Ok, so it doesn't sound scary when I write this, but I was feeling pretty creeped out when I first read this (in a different language).

    That said, I have not yet met my "twin" and I don't think i want to. It'd be too weird.
  5. Haha, yes! So this is how it happened...

    I used to date a guy in college on and off, we had a pretty tumultuous relationship. One minute he was in love with me, the next he was sleeping with a friend of mine, oh, it was awful. We broke up and stopped speaking, it was for the best. Anyway, he moved to my area just a few years later and I ran into him, we ended up getting coffee and he told me about his new girlfriend and how excited he was about her. He introduced me to her a few weeks later when I happened to run into them and I SWEAR the girl is my twin. Same haircut, same height, same facial structure, same build, we could be sisters. We even dressed alike. I would post a picture but as a rule I don't post pics of myself on the internet. Anyway, it was a running joke for awhile because I was NOT the only person to notice! He ended up cheating on her and they broke up and now I catch up with her occasionally, we have very compatible personalities :roflmfao: He was such an idiot, to make the same mistake twice and lose practically the same girl twice!
  6. When I was in high school, everyone said there was a girl that looked exactly lke me, but I never saw her. It was a large school so I suppose it's possible. And I would get called her name, too. Very weird.
  7. No, but I've met dozens of people that know somebody that looks "just like" me. I have yet to meet said people, though! When I first started at my current job somebody stopped me thinking I was some other girl that used to work there. So strange.

  8. I get that too! People always tell me I look like their sister or cousin or boyfriend's sister-in-law, but when they get around to showing me a picture of my double, I don't ever think she looks like me. It's weird.
  9. I haven't met mine, but I've been told numerous times she is out there (been called by her name, and then, when I didn't answer, the person thought I was being funny or something and didn't believe me when I said I wasn't her. After reading koukanamiya's story, I don't think I really want to meet her!
  10. The scary story says you only have to worry if you've met the second "twin". Essentially there're 3 ppl who look the same (including you), as long as you've only met one other "twin", you're safe.:yes:

    Argh, that little article freaked me out so badly ... Some things just sound scarier in another language.
  11. What language was it in?
  12. It was in Japanese ... Well it came with pictures too and that third twin just looked evil!
  13. me three! i wait tables and i'm told constantly that i look like someone's sorority sister, niece, neighbor, best friend's boyfriend's cousin, etc. it probably happens once or twice a month (way more often in the summer). i've just come to realize i have one of those all american girl next door kind of faces.

    i used to work with a girl who had a similar personality, build and facial features. people always thought we were sisters. in fact we did look way more alike than either of us did to our own sisters. :yes:
  14. Never happened to me but sometimes I will go somewhere around town and someone will say "do you have an older sister, I saw someone who looked like you but older". And I am thinking "uh, that was probably me with a hangover".
  15. I've never met anyone that looked anything like me... I've had people confuse me for someone else, but usually it's from a distance. I guess that doesn't really count.