have you ever brought something and.....

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  1. Have you ever brought something then been afraid to use it?
    I happens to me all the time - I buy something then worry about damaging it - I am so hopeless at times.....
    Just brought a wallet and had it 2 weeks and still not used it, I just look at it all the time -
    am I the only hopeless one????????
  2. I am the same way ...it takes me a long time after I buy something to actually use it and I don't know why that is. Even my bags I'm afraid to use them after I buy them. Your not the only one
  3. What restraint you have!! I can't wait to use a new piece but treat it like it's made of glass until I get used to it, lol! Load that bad boy up and start enjoying it! :P
  4. I'm not afraid to use it but I have a habit of buying stuff to beat a price increase or a color/style that I like.
    I'm pretty sure I have 20-30 brand new purses (premier & contemporary) that I haven't used.
    I'm really hoping that if I die it will be a house explosion/terrorist bomb type situation so my bags & me all die together.
  5. Guilty as charged!!!!:shame: I do the same thing and I dont know why!
  6. :lol:
    Omg lol!
  7. I am so glad I'm not alone! Lol!
  8. I'm a newbie here ... I am the same also... It's not going to sound good but Believe it or not BUT I bought 3 brand new LV and Yes i know thats bad 3 bags in 1 year and plus I haven't even used it once and its been almost year since I bought them I've been babying them. It's still sitting in the LV boxes inside their dust bag and once in awhile I'll just take them out and look at them and model with it and put it right back. So my hubby was like if you're not going to used it then why not sell it . NO WAY its not that I don't want to use it I'm scared I might to damage it. So you're not the only one.
  9. You're not alone! I've had my Mon Mono NF for a while and scared I'm going to mess it up. I've decided that I'm using it tomorrow though. It's too pretty to stay in the closet.
  10. For sure. Then you use it few times and get over it. But sometime you don't and keep it in the closet :smile:

  11. + 1

    I saw this heartbreaking post the other day about a woman whose mother died unexpectedly at a young age (51 I think?).

    The daughter had to go through all her mothers stuff. She had clothes, bags, wallets, shoes, perfume, makeup and skincare products all unopened and saved for a special rainy day.

    The OP said the point of her sharing, was to encourage to use our special things now, because every day should be treated as special. We can't always remember to live our life as our last day, but we can try to find the 'special' in everyday.

    Maybe using your new purse can be today's 'special'.

  12. What a sad but beautiful thought.
    For me it is a wallet - I am normally OK with bags.
    I normally only use a LV Zippy coin purse /Wallet (the little one) and now I have brought a Prada Cosmo Saffiano Wallet and it is long - and I am scared of scuffing up the corners getting it in and out of my bag !!!!
    I have just been looking at it for two weeks, not even put a card in it!!!
  13. I know it's hard to use your wallets as soon as your purchase them. But just the other day Mother told me the other day that Life is too short. Enjoy your items as soon as possible. :biggrin:

  14. My mother always kept her things that she considered "nice" unused, unopened, stored in tissue paper, and kept for "nice", and always insisted my sister and I do the same. So I unfortunately followed that same route, but have been really trying to break that mentality, and I am trying to use my new bags and nice things soon after I get them, enjoy them, not worry about them so much and NOT "save" them. :smile:
  15. I have my zcw a month before I used it... then when I finally moved into it and started using it, I realized how undestructable it is and how much I love it.