Have you ever brought Chanel for anyone?

  1. I haven't as my family and friends are not a Chanel freak like me, I have brought Burberry and Ralph Lauren for them though.
  2. Yes, I have bought my Mum 3 handbags, a brooch and some earrings. She does loads of things for me like helping me out with my two young children, so I like to show my appreciation.
  3. I don't mean any disrespect, but is the term "brought" instead of "bought" (as in purchased) really used in other countries? Here in the US, brought is used in terms such as "I brought the groceries inside the house." or "I brought flowers to my mother for her birthday."

    To keep on topic, no, I have never bought Chanel for anyone else. I'm too greedy! :biggrin:
  4. Yes....I bought the caviar timeless clutch for my 20 year old daughter...She stated that she likes it...but at this age she is still a Vuitton girl....
  5. i bought chanel flats for a good friend ..
  6. I have for my 20 year old daughter :love:
  7. Yes, for my mom, sister and couple of my dearest friends...only for those who mean the world to me.
  8. I have bought Chanel for my sister and my mom.
  9. yea i bought chanel -coco mademosielle - parfum for my mom:flowers: n juz dat cuz in other stuff im 2 greedy!:shame: ... n in the future we made a deal with my cuz dat we both gonna give each other as present the :upsidedown:doctor bag :upsidedown: lol i juz post it so she knows dat i really mean it ... n she always around here 2 ..:wlae::wlae:
  10. Yes, I bought a Caviar Jumbo w/gh for my Granny's B-day:love: last winter. Had I knew about the price increase then, I would've purchased more flaps for myself too:crybaby:
  11. i bought chanel earrings with the camelia (sp?) flower and ccs on them
  12. Yup..
    I bought some bags for my mom, aunt, sisters, grandma(clutches), friends, although my dad pays for all these gifts!! I'm only 18 how on earth would I afford to buy anything:p Well I do buy things from the grocery:shame:
  13. No! Too expensive! LOL. If my mom loved Chanel, I would buy some for her but unfortunately, she thinks it looks "old". :biggrin:
  14. I bought Chanel for my mom before, but at this time in my life I am spending my parents money. I don't make any :biggrin:
  15. I brought my mom a nice Chanel for her Birthday and she sure did love it. :heart: She loved it so much she brung me some flowers to thank me.:roflmfao: Please don't correct my post, me loves it just the way it is!!