Have you ever brought anything in for repair? How was it? Brought speedy in today.

  1. I brought my speedy in today to repair the fraying tabs at the Palo Alto store. I won't see it back for a whole month! :sad: I am so worried about her and miss her already! Previous experiences have led me to question the quality of the workmanship of LV. I'm crossing my fingers that they will not do a bag job or mess up. For those who have brought anything in for repairs, how was your experience? Did they fix the problem and was the bag returned to you without any additional flaws that werent there when you brought it in? :sweatdrop: Thanks everyone!:flowers:
  2. I had some vachetta handles replaced and the quality was fine. My experience was that it took longer than their original estimate, so it may take more than a month - sorry! I hope it goes faster for you.

    Be sure to share "before and after" photos when your Speedy is back home!
  3. I hope it goes well for you. Keep us updated.
  4. I'm sure their workmanship is excellent. When you brought it in they should've filled out a form with you that ticks off what you sent in and why you sent it in (what kind of repair job) and it also ticks off the condition of your bag.

    I currently have a porte monnaie accordeon in for repair and it's going to take at least 2 months! Apparently they have a huge backlog.

    But whenever it comes back you can inspect it when they give it to you and before you leave the store cuz I'm sure they'll want you to inspect it and then sign off on something that says you got it in a condition you're happy with. If you see any damages that are there that weren't before, they'll compare it with the condition indicated on the PO/sheet and if it was indeed damaged during the repair process I'm sure they'll fix it in some way.. either repair or just give you a new one.
  5. I had my old red epi Soufflot fixed -- it was over 6 years old and the finish on the handles had worn off, so I had a bit of color leach onto my hands. So I brought her into the LV mothership in NYC. They replaced the handles, cleaned my baby up and had her back in 3 weeks. Like having a new bag. Completely worth it.
  6. i need to send my speedy in for the same fraying tabs...i live in manhattan and will def bring it to the lv on 5th after hearing it only took yours 3 weeks, pointie!...i think i might wait a bit so i can buy the damier speedy and send the mono speedy to get fixed at the same time...
  7. Ah, LV repairs! I have not had the best of luck with them. Last year I took my BW Graffiti Alma Haut in for replacement of the zipper pulls. The pulls used on the bag were two different styles, and it drove me nuts (yeah, I'm just a little anal). Simple repair, right? It took three months to get my bag back, and while they replaced the zipper pulls with brand new ones, they were still two different styles! When the SA spoke to the repairs manager, he noticed the mismatched, albeit new, zipper pulls immediately. Two weeks later I finally had my bag back with proper zipper pulls.

    This year it's my black Le Fab. I took it in at the end of April for replacement of the top leather tab, where the s-lock is attached. The tab had been bent backward, causing the glazing to crack, and the tab to be quite limp. I was afraid that with repeated use the leather itself would split. I didn't get the Le Fab back until the end of July, as the tab had to be ordered from Europe. I did notice an extra stitch hole in the leather, but decided to let that go since the damage was already done, and not very noticeable on the black leather.

    Unfortunately, when inspecting the bag at home, I noticed that the repair person had taken it upon themselves to reglaze the entire top edge of the bag, and had done a sloppy job of it - picture ivory glazing running down the edges of the black leather. You could see smears where they had tried to wipe some of it away. Had I not known better, I'd have thought the bag was fake given the sloppy job. The reglazing was not requested on the repair order, and the original glazing was in perfect condition, with no cracks at all. So, the next weekend I took the bag back to LV for it to be sent back to repairs. I was told that the repair would be expedited, but six weeks later I still have no Le Fab.:cursing:

    To add insult to injury, it's an eight hour round trip to my nearest LV, so it's not a simple matter to just run up there at any time. I got this bag in April, and have been able to use it for about two weeks. The rest of the time it's been at LV repairs.:crybaby:

    So, my advice is to proceed with caution, don't expect your bag to be returned within a reasonable timeframe, and don't expect the repair to be correct. Sorry, but I'm not at all impressed with the quality or service provided by San Dimas.
  8. Aww Coltsfan that must have been so upsetting!!!

    Good luck with your repair, melikemochi!!
  9. Good lord, Colts fan, that's terrible!! Re the Le Fab - if you only purchased it in April, shouldn't you have just immediately got a replacement? If you only had the bag two weeks, then they shouldn't have sent it for repair? As you still don't have it now, I would definately ring the store, and say it's ridiculous that you had the bag for two weeks, and they have had it since April, and say you would now like a replacement please. If you have no joy, I would definately go through to LV customer services. I appreciate length of repairs isn't down to the store, but to buy a bag in April, have it two weeks and it's now September? I wouldn't be happy with that.

    Good luck!!

  10. why does it take so long to repair?? shame!
  11. ^^
    *Most* of the repairs are sent to the workshops in France. And if you need a shoe repair, that will be sent to the workshop in the Veneto in Italy.

  12. Gosh! What an ordeal!! I called this morning as the SA and asked if I could swap my speedy for a new one as the SA had brought one out when I originally brought my speedy in for repairs the day before since it was due to manufactures defect regarding the glazing and he said hed call me back byt he end of the day and never did. I guess that means no. Now I am even more worried after hearing your story. The LV I went to is 40 minutes drive away which is nothing compared to how far the nearest one to you is.... but I requested the ship it back to me when finished. Now, I am second thinking that decision even though it would be a pain the ass to pick it up again. Gosh, I really don't want to deal with having to scrutinize the work they did to make sure everything is ok and go through the ordeal of re-repairing if they did not do a good job. :sweatdrop: I wish they would just do quality work and repair correctly so we could all just get our bag back and not have to worry about it.
  13. I purchased it from the original owner, and she had abused the tab, so I wanted to replace it. It's only a $45 repair, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal. I still can't believe it about the glazing, and that they would something not requested, and then let it out of the repair center looking like that. Obviously quality control is not their strong point.
  14. BalenciagaPlanet, they will probably tell you it will take much longer, but I received a call to pick up my bag after three weeks. I think they had told me five to six weeks. It's not like I don't have a few other bags lying around to use!
  15. oh I see. thanks!