have you ever brought a bag to the LV boutique for authentication?

  1. will they authenticate it, or do they send it somewhere? and the bigger question, are they willing to help or will I feel uncomfortable? I would go to the NY store. thanks for your help, LV experts!
  2. Yeah..they'll do it right there but make sure you get either the manager or an SA who's been there for awhile. Otherwise, you might get wrong info. And no, you shouldn't feel uncomfortable..they're there to help. If you DO feel uncomfortable, it's the SA's fault, because most of the ones I've come across are friendly and willing to help you.
  3. I heard that in parisit's a big deal, they keep the fake and destroy it
  4. I am hoping they would do that EVERYWHERE!!!
  5. Killerlife ~ Thank You For The Links...The Posts Were Very Helpful!
  6. yeah they should do that everywhere keep the bag and destroy it. Have you ever see when you arrive at the airport in Paris? when you cross the custom they is a big poster saying that if you carry a fake (louis vuitton, cartier...chanel) you risk 3 years in prison and 300 000 euros fine (I assume it is for for people that does traffic). It's a really big deal in france. I remember when I was on vacation in Cannes I saw a lot of french people coming back from the italian town San Remo because there was a fake market every week. It was only one hour away from Cannes. At that time if they stopped you at the custom they just kept the fakes and let you go.