Have you ever bought this many bags in such a short amount of time?

  1. I know I've bought like 10 pieces of toki bags in 7 weeks. That wouldn't be insane for me if they were cheap bags and pieces. But, these are pricey bags! So, I'm curious...is this normal for you or unusual?:rolleyes:
  2. Hey annieb! Uh its totally unusual for me cuz Im not into bags that much..until toki came along!
  3. NEVER!!! I usually buy one bag a year maybe 2. NEVER 15+!!!

    But I DO look at it as a "collection" not just "a new purse".
  4. Good point....I've been rushing around the internet and phone trying to find old prints that aren't in production because I really want one and I keep thinking the prices are going to jump up....so now mine has turned into a collection!!! As long as the collectors don't come after me!:smartass: My favorite smiley is gone! The one with the cockeyes and goofy mouth!!! Where did it go?????
  5. Sometimes I feel the same way.
    But if you're not hiding (that you purchased) or started to feel guilty to look at them,
    it shouldn't be a problem for you.
    As long as you're happy and can afford them, right on!
  6. Well, I hid a bag from my hubby for about a week....that was a first...so I guess I better stop! But I feel like I can't until I get the older prints that I still want!
  7. I dont feel guilty looking at my bags:biggrin: I feel satisfied now since I picked up the Infernos...I was feeling the urge to get them because I couldnt find a good deal on the Foresta prints...and didnt want to regret not getting it now:biggrin:
  8. this past 2 weeks especially has been BAD for me (and my cc! [a BV & an angioletto, a pirata denaro, an adios zucca, and maybe a paradiso dolce since i lost the eBay auction by $1!! :cursing: and only because i was on my way to work & couldn't bid while driving) usually I would only buy maybe 2 bags a year: a fall/winter bag, and a summer bag. But DreamsofToki is right, i do look at it as a "collection", not just a bunch of one-offs.
  9. I think I only thought about buying a bag once every 3-5 years lol The last bag I bought was my prada and that was in 2003!!!
  10. While I love many things, tokidoki is definitely different. If it was a normal bag, I'd be satisfied with getting one or maybe two a year.
  11. In total I had about 10 bags before Toki. Mostly D&B. One Fossil bag and one Brighton. And that was purchased over a lot of years. I think the oldest was in 1987 or so... Now I have a LOT more!

    I do feel the urge to buy lessening a little. I have no desire to get the camo prints and I'm satisfied with my Playground Denaro. I would like a larger inferno and a larger paradiso (I have those in the Bella) and maybe another Amore. Then I hope I can control myself for awhile. :smile:
  12. Ever since i started collecting Louis VUitton bags which was 5 years ago. it all went down hill. My bag collection is big with many different designers LV, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Tokidoki. I have sold lots of my older bags that i no longer use such as Coach and some LV items to cover my Bag Collection.
  13. I don't know what it is with me but just within the past year I have gone purse crazy! I was buying a lot of different purses before Toki. Now Toki has sent me completely over the edge. I really need to get some control over myself. These forums don't help though. :shrugs:
  14. The forum is the worst place to be if you're trying to control yourself and cut back on your spending. We're the worst influences for each other always saying, buy, buy, buy!! :graucho: I just feel like I'm constantly in a Toki frenzy b/c of the fact that they're limited edition. BUT if you think about it, other bags you see in the store are usually only out for a season or two at the most and then they're gone so everything is kinda limited :shrugs:

    I feel like I need to stop this insanity. I used to have a bag fetish before toki but it was all about Coach for me. I did get a ton of coach bags and accessories in a short time (not as short of a time as toki though) but my BF was buying all of it for me. He was like my supplier. Ever since Toki I stopped w/Coach b/c there's no way we could afford both! :nuts:
  15. i bought 6 bags in one week once o.o lolz