Have you ever bought the same pair of shoes twice?

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  1. I've done it at least 5 times now with a certain pair of Skechers and some Mary Janes.

    And now I'm being forced to switch brands, now that they are unavailable.
  2. YES! i've gone through roughly 10 pairs of white converse jack purcells ever since high school. they are my favorite pair of sneakers!
  3. I did for a few years with Supergas (the "Keds of Italy"). I bought a pair every year or so when I was wearing tennis shoes a lot and even got my last pair from a store in Venice a few years ago!!
  4. I don't have a lot of shoes, but with certain Louboutin styles that I find to be perfection, I do buy two pairs or sometimes even three (some diff't colors, some in the same color). It is a sick (and costly) addiction I tell you. My friends think I'm insane when it comes to this!....and so I do sometimes. First it was the Helmut's, then the Decollete's, then the Very Prive's, and now I can already sense I'll be "falling victim" to my newest addiction, the Lady Gres.
  5. yes!!! i like to keep a "spare" pair if they are really comfy.
  6. Usually by the time I've decided I love a pair and cant live without them, a year or more has gone by and I can't find the same shoe again! I have this one pair of Nina black pumps that I wear to death, and they were cheap! - they are comfortable, go with everything and I can dance for 5 hours without hurting, but I've never been able to find them again.
  7. Oh boy, it's my "issue" as well, my DH does the same thing. Just last night as he was telling me his desire to purchase two identical jackets. I lamented that this habit is very bad. Just because we like it doesn't mean we have to buy multiples?? For God sakes (keep in mine I'm scolding myself here really) the choices are incredible and diversifing one's wardrobe is truly the way to go, gulp.........:sad:

    I've been weaning myself but it's been a slow process. I literally have to tell my mind to go to another direction.

    For hubby and I we have multiples in identicals with top, bottoms, shoes. It's ugly.
  8. I've done it, too; however, it's usually that I'll buy a pair of shoes, then think I'm sick of them, sell them on eBay only to discover that they had this perfect niche in my wardrobe.

    I'm currently trying to replace the CL camel linen Miss Marple platforms ... I can't believe I let those go!!!
  9. i have done it many times. also sometimes same shoe but a few different colors.
  10. Yep, I do this with shoes and especially t-shirts--I find one style that I like, and get 4 or 5 colors at a time--I think it makes sense, though, for basics like tees and camis. Probably not on the shoes, but I have never been a rational shoe buyer anyway;)
  11. definately!! I do it for accesories too, esp earrings and things that's easy to lose
  12. :sad:
    Perhaps you can contact the buyer you sold them to and let her know that if she were to ever resell them, to contact you? :shrugs: (Can't hurt.)

  13. I definitely do that with t-shirts. Sometimes I'll buy two of the same color at a time too.

    I've done it with shoes but not frequently or recently. The most recent thing that comes close is I bought two very similar pair of Kors shoes but they weren't identical. What's funny is one pair kills my feet and the other ones don't.