Have you ever bought clothes off craigslist?

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  1. I never go onto craigslist but i decided to look today, i just clicked on the "free" category. someone has 11 monkeys to give away for free. MONKEYS =)(7 months old)
  2. LOL!! Never seen anything like that here.
  3. Not trying to be negative but I would be careful of someone selling a "lot of 35 items" for $36.00 NWT brand names such as A&F Hollister etc. A friend once told me she bought stuff like that off craigslist and emailed me the link... I'm pretty sure the stuff was fake since this person could also get R&R, TR and Citizens NWT.

    ...Just a heads up. I knew they made fake bags, but fake A&F, Hollister etc..... wth? I was in shock!
  4. There where only a few items with these names and we have outlets galore here where I live. they are all legit. There where also lots on none brand names in there, all very cute stuff. I do see fake stuff on craigslist all the time
  5. There are definitely fake Hollister and A&F. Most of them are on eBay with lot of 25 or lot of 10 listings. The sellers are all from Malaysia, Phillipines,...any Asian country you could name.