Have you ever bought clothes off craigslist?

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  1. I found a couple people getting rid of stuff on there and the pics where great items! Lot of 32 items for $30 aloot of them new! and names like a&f, hollister, American eagle. etc. and another with 36 items for $35 with name brands and etc. I met with the 2 different ladies and ended up buying them and got TONS of clothes NWT and NWOT and few used! Its been a month but I was thinking about it and wondered if anyone else got anything good off there for a steal!

    Has anyone else done this?

    I got, tee's, jeans, dressy tops, dress's and more
  2. I've sold things on Craigslist (especially denim) but gave up because it was the biggest hassle ever. Even though I would post very detailed/clear measurements, people who were much bigger or much smaller than me would arrange to meet up with me. And if the stuff did fit, they would try to haggle a lot even though I said the price was firm (since I needed to fund another purchase).

    Haha that's my little rant!

    I think I'd use Craigslist to buy things if they were NWT/NWOT but not if they were used.
  3. Never really bought anything before, but I have sold a bunch of cused clothes and purses from there. It's easier than ebay if you wanna get rid of stuff in a hurry, but it's such a hassle when people don't show up/reschedule meeting times and what not.
  4. A friend of mine bought an authentic Louis Vuitton purse for $300 from someone on Craig's List. They met at the LV boutique and the store verified that the bag had been purchased there. The bag is beautiful and looks like it was barely used at all.
  5. I've never bought clothes off Craigslist, but I have bought clothes off of eBay and at garage sales. :yes: Sometimes there can be great deals.
  6. Very smart of your friend and the buyer!
  7. I have. Craigslist can be extremely irritating but I've definitely found bargains and finds on there. I found my HG Chanel bag by just randomly browsing, after months of searching ebay.
  8. I've never bought any clothes from there, nothings ever caught my eye. I did buy a tv from there though. not quite the same :P
  9. HAHA

    I'll have to post pics of my goodies!! just gotta have the energy and time
  10. Nope. I have bought tickets off cl though.
  11. No, but I found my DF...:smile:
  12. Wow!!!!

    That's probably a great, fun story to tell!

    I buy a lot of purses and such from Craigslist...no clothes yet though!
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    Like anything, you could have a good experience or bad experience. I would hold out and deal with craigslist for those rare items or something you have a good feeling about. I certainly wouldnt want to go to somebodys house and buy a bag of smelly old navy t-shirts.

    By the way, craigslist is awesome for selling furniture, etc. I had a ton of stuff that didnt sell at my garage sale even after I marked it down to nothing, and then I was able to sell it right away for my original asking price no problem!
  14. Of course not! lol just the great deals!
  15. I buy tons of stuff off craigslist.. more shoes and handbags but if I find the right thing I'll buy it (Even clothes)

    I still find that people sell things for a lot, where as I could get the same thing for example from a TJMAXX like store on clearance for far less.