have you ever bought any chanel on sale?

  1. curious, what you ladies managed to scoop up from past chanel sales? pics if possible. thanks for sharing
  2. Yes, it was a compulsive buy though. Not because my Chanel white boats were on sale for 1,200 which originally are around 2,300, but because the SA told me they were the last pair in the world! She could be lying but who cares my love for Chanel runs very deep. =) lol
  3. Yeah! Lately just a pair of earrings. There was no any nice bags on sale.
  4. I've never seen anything in a Chanel boutique that was on sale that was (a) deeply discounted enough (25% is the highest discount I've seen) (b) remotely attractive.

    The last bag I saw on sale was the floor model of a shearling bag that was so fragile, it was literally already falling apart... and at only 25% off!
  5. oh, most definitely! shoes ....(the Chanels at the Saks in Palm Beach when on sale, are plentiful), and my Precious Symbols tote, $1,325 to $927!!
  6. pusre, what color is ur Precious Symbol tote? Also when is the next Chanel sale for Saks or NM?
  7. Shoes, shoes and shoes, ipod case, agenda, earrings.
  8. I haven't been fortunate enough....:shrugs:
  9. i have bought a lot on sale
    sandals- at end of season..
    only one purse from Saks though on sale for like 600 bucks.. sold it for 1000.oo
  10. Yes, the day after Xmas sale at NM in Beverly Hills. Scooped up the taupe color shearling hobo tote (with the camelia embroidery on one side) as well as a chocolate cambon PDA cover to match my choco cambon reporter bag! If only every day were December 26th!!!
  11. Nope
    I almost bought a charm bracelet for $300 something onsale over the summer, but I wanted a necklace instead
  12. Classic Chic...the Precious Symbols tote is beige lineney fabric, quilted, with combination cloth/patent leather and chain shoulder straps, (silver hw) the symbols: the no. 5, the camellia, and the CC, are white patent....the bag is about 11" long but stretches and i can fit as much in as in my GST!!!! its amazing...how much it fits

    also, the way to get a great pair of Chanel shoes on sale, is to have a personal reationship with an SA at NM or Saks (Bloomingdales and Nordstrom in Florida do not carry Chanel)....Carlos at the NM shoe dept. in Boca Raton is fantastic and goes out of his way to call his clients when Chanel shoes are on sale (561) 417-5151....
    at Saks, call Jacob in the shoe dept. (561) 393-9100 -

    as far as i know, the next sale shoe-wise won't be until Memorial Day at the earliest....maybe not until June, and then they have a further mark-down at the end of July/beginning of August......the other big sale time is right after Xmas
  13. No..I wish.
    By the time I get to the sales all the things I'd be interested in are gone :lol:
  14. Just got a pair of chanel Espadrille Wedge Sandals from NM last call.
  15. I have. A pair of tennis shoes, which I never wear. Hehe.