Have you ever bought a used Handbag?

  1. Share your stories about bad experiences. Is it really worth it? Don't you think is better to save money and buy a brand new bag?:idea:
  2. Unfortunately, with pieces that are no longer available brand new, you just have to go used sometimes. I got my Gucci horsebit python clutch gently used because it was no longer available as it was a style from a few years ago. It's not in perfect condition, which sucks, but I just ADORE this bag and would rather have it in gently used condition than not at all.

    I also have my LV graffiti alma pm on its way to me, which is from someone's own collection. They say they haven't used it at all and that it's in perfect condition, but I guess I'll have to see when it gets here. Fingers crossed! Since the graffiti line is also from a few years ago, there's no choice but to get this bag "used".

    The Gucci blondies I want will also likely be used, but there really isn't any way to get around that since they're no longer available.

    I haven't had a bad experience yet with buying "used" bags (*knock on wood*), but maybe I've just been lucky so far.

    I hope you don't let this one bad experience get you down too much! Not every seller out there is a liar fortunately... Good luck!
  3. I have gotten some lovely used bags. 2 Blondies, and some vintage Gucci and LV. I scour consignment stores or estate sales and have found some really rare pieces.

    I saw your post on another thread about a bag you just received......are you not happy?
  4. :confused1:
    I'm not happy. The thing is that I expect everybody to be just like me (perfectionist):shame: ...I keep all my handbags as well as my shoes in dustbags/boxes and they are all in mint or excellent conditions, they look absolutely brand new even after months or years of wearing. I recently bought a used Chanel because it was a sold out style and I wanted it so bad..the seller claimed the bag was in absolutely excellent conditions but it wasn't!:cursing: The bag was full of scratches and had dog fuzz all over it. I recently bought my White Gucci Blondie Bowler on Ebay (used- because I had no choice)...I can't believe what the previous owner did to that beautiful bag!:cursing: ...I was all dirty and smelly.

    Maybe it is just me..What do you think?:confused1:
  5. I think everyone on this forum likely treats there bags really well - especially discontinued bags! I think buying used bags isn't the problem...it's dealing with sellers that LIE that's the problem unfortunately. I don't know why sellers bother to lie about the condition of a bag when it's going to be so clear to the buyer when they have it in their hands. Makes no sense to me! :shrugs:

    I also can't believe there are people out there who treat such expensive, gorgeous bags so poorly! They don't deserve them!!! :yucky:
  6. Where do you guys buy your used bags from?
  7. FEEbay
  8. you are right bear sweety...The do not deserve them!!!:smash:
  9. I think that you have to take the good with the bad. There are some great sellers out there with some great items. I generally stick with the recommended sellers when I do get used items.