Have you ever bought a pair of cute shoes, but...

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  1. Have you ever bought a pair of cute expansive shoes, but after you walk on them, you find that they hurt. I bought these pair of cute shoes today, I love them, but after taking them home and walking on them for a little bit they hurt my little toe finger.
    When you buy cute expansive shoes--do they hurt--do you think that after I get use to them they would stop hurting? I don't want to take them back.
  2. Oh yes, I do that all the time. I actually have the same problem right now.. I dont really think that you'll get used to them, unless you walk in them so long your toe gets numb. Heh. If you really want to keep them you should only wear them for short periods of time, that might help.
  3. Yep! I have three pairs of Gucci horsebit clogs. 2 suede pair and 1 pair from the Gucci Flora line. Wooden platforms and wooden heels. They are soooooo cute but they are killers. But I LOVE the way they look! They feel okay when you first put them on and I'm fine for about 1/2 hour. After that, they start to hurt like heck! Right on the ball of my feet. OUCH! I keep wearing them though because they're so darn CUTE!
  4. Yeah, I bought some black heels and they look so good with all my pants, but they hurt so bad! I'm thinking I might hot glue some padding in the inside O_o Is that lame?
  5. It really depends if the part rubbing your foot gets broken in or not. I have a pair of flats that actually killed my feet when I first wore them, but they formed to my feet and I can now walk for hours in them. In the same breath I have a pair of round toe kitten heels that continue to rub on my little toe every time I wear them...but these are man-made leather and the others are not.
  6. If they hurt at home, they may be even more painful on the pavement, concrete, shopping floor, etc. If you have not worn them outside, you might think about taking them back. The shoes above are very cute but look like they would hurt. I live in 3-3.5" heels, select them very carefully, and still make a mistake from time to time. If I listened to my instincts, I would not have to sell them later on ebay...
  7. You would think since you pay so much for a pair of shoes that they would be comfortable.
  8. Not lame at all!!! Shoes are much better when they are comfy!
  9. Haha, I swear I think they pump something into the air of the shoe section of stores! Shoes never hurt when you try them on in the store, but man are they a killer when you get home.

    If I get an especially painful pair of shoes I walk around in them in my apartment while wearing thick socks (not so fashionable, but it it serves a purpose). I think this stretches them out slightly so they're not such a killer on your feet when you wear them later.
  10. Naturale, find a good shoemaker! He (or she) should be able to stretch the leather just a bit in the right place to make your new shoes comfortable for you, or adjust it somehow.

    My old shoemaker (R.I.P.) was just brilliant about finding work-arounds for any fit problem I had with a pair of shoes.
  11. I agree with coco-nut. Find a good shoemaker or go back to the store and see if they will stretch them a bit for you.
  12. That's a good idea, thank you.
  13. girl..trust me. it hurts to be beautiful. i can't walk in any of my stilettos without being in pain after a couple of hours.
  14. LOL, I you're right.
  15. LOL i agree, some pain is to be expected with beautiful shoes...oh the price us women pay to look good!!
    But if they're curling your little toe, then they're a no-no!
    You don't wanna be crippled!;)