Have you ever bought a LV bag you didn't LOVE? Which bag and what did you do -

  1. sell? just keep? exchange?
  2. I still have it. It's the abbesses messenger bag. I'm going to sell it.
  3. me..... Still not 100% in love with my Pop Haut - thinking of possibly selling it
  4. the Babylone. sold it to a pf member!
  5. Boulogne. Love the shape, love the look, hate how it zips at the top and it won't hold all my stuff in the order that I want it to.
  6. :cry: :cry: thinking of selling my MC lodge pm..... i love it but its just not getting used.... aahhh
  7. Croissant-- i got it during my honeymoon in europe. It was the least expensive so i got it and it was the 'atest design at that time... wish I got a more expensive one that I really like instead of being stuck with it. It's still brand new-- never used. Dont know what to do, sell? pass down to my daughter someday? she's barely 2 yrs old.:rolleyes:
  8. Definitely!

    LV bags I have that I don't love at all:

    black epi honfleur, lilac epi pochette, Damier Trousse makeup - too small!
    Damier Musette Salsa with the long strap - barely use it/not into the messeger/hangbag style anymore
    LV Alma - i feel it's a bit old for me (I know that's supposed to be the best part right...)

    I don't know what to do with them yet...I've only had them for 3-4 years so I feel bad about getting rid of them. I might just wait until I grow into them. *sigh*
  9. I bought the Recital and Croissant, both were too small for all my stuff, so I sold both of them on eBay. Now I'm really happy with my Lucille and can't wait to get my Damier Cabas Piano :yes:
  10. No. I can't afford to have bags I don't love. If I buy something and have regrets, I return it ASAP.
  11. No.
  12. I bought a large Noe and thought I would love it; but no :sad:
    I could never find anything when I needed it...

    Sold it on another purse forum then bought a Looping GM...finally settled on the Saleya GM as my all time fave bag :smile:
  13. Yes - the boutique is an 8 hour trip, so I mostly buy online. If it's from elux, return without hesitation, otherwise, I sell it and get something I will use.
  14. The only ones I didn't completely love were the Petit Noe and the Cerises Pochette. I sold the Noe and bought a used Keepall, while the Pochette sits in my closet never used...I can usually tell now right when I hold the bag for the first tme whether I will bond with it permanently or not!
  15. :amazed: :shocked: I can NOT believe you didn't like the PN!!!:shocked: It's one of my FAVORITE bags!!!:yes:
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