have you ever bought a fake B-Bag b4? ( not knowing of course)

  1. share your experience here!
  2. I've bought fakes knowing "what they are", because I love the style but haven't had the funds. I'm not rich, I'm a student.
    Last year I bought a nasty white fake in New york, it was made of plastic and big. I never use it.
    This year though I bought a beautiful dark brown fake city, it's somewhat off in dimensions and hardware, but definitely a "good fake" (I hate that word :yucky:)

    Please don't hate me :p

    But after working all summer, I decided to buy a real Balenciaga. I have been lurking this forum in one and a half year now and have learned so much about these beautiful bags, so when I had the chance to buy a real beauty at a good price I couldn't pass it up.:girlsigh:

    You'll be seeing it soon :graucho:
  3. yep, I have bought a fake bbag before. I bought mine in NYC also, not knowing at the time that it was a replica of a designer bag. I just loved the style (it was a brown "city") and actually just needed a bag for that day, because I had so much stuff on me. So, I just got this cute pleather bag with the fun hardware and tassels. I though I would just use it that day and toss it away afterwards. But I actually carried it a couple of times, because I just loved the style.

    Fast forward a couple of months... I read a magazine and there is a picture of Ashley Simpson and the caption reads: Ashley with a one of the famous Balenciaga bags... or something. So I take a closer look at this *famous Balenciaga bag* and :wtf: ..... It looks like my pleather bag, that I loved but wished it was made of real leather...

    So to make a long story short: I had to have a real one! I saved some money (I'm just a poor student ;) ) and bought my first bbag one year after buying the fake :yahoo:
  4. Nope, never have. I probably accidentally would have on eBay, when I was first looking for one and didn't know anything about Balenciaga. Thank God I found this place and learned all about them, and have only purchased all 7 of mine from Balenciaga retailers.
  5. Nope, never.

    I first discovered Balenciaga back in 01, and finally got my first one(2nd season FBF) from BalParis in spring 02. Ever since then, I've been buying Bbags mainly from BalNY. And when I buy on eBay, I'm extra careful to make sure what I'm buying is authentic:yes:
  6. Oh, dear! I have. On e-bay. I'm meeting the seller in court on 1st October, since she continues to refuse to give me back the £510, which I'm owed. It's been a difficult experience, very stressful at times, but I am determined to see this through to the bitter end. I intend to win even though I may well struggle to get the money back. As a last resort I intend sending the court bailiffs round to her house to seize property. This all happened 12 months ago. Since then to cheer me up, I've bought 12 original Bbags!! All supported by my DH who's going to appear in court with me for support. Don't worry, I've promised him no more bags for now! Well, perhaps until next year ......
  7. It's good to know I'm not the only one! I have to pay off a little tuition before I can start saving up for my first bag.
  8. Yep, I have. Back a year or so ago I saw a picture of Nicky Hilton with a bag and feel in love. So I went online, looked up Balenciaga and found a website that sold a white city like hers. Ordered it,(not having a clue how much they REALLY cost) spend more than I'd ever spent on a bag (at the time) and got it. Well I really liked it, carried it for a month, then I found this wonderful site. To make a long story short, I discovered that my pretty white bag was in fact a FAKE! I've since bought 3 off eBay and 1 brand new and the real ones are just sooo much better than the fake. Lesson learned.
  9. Ugh, tell me about it! I took me ages to buy my first bbag too! But you'll love it even more this way (that's what I tell myself at least :yes:)
  10. I don't think so but I have certainly bought fake Mulberrys so know how it feels!

    I do have one Ink Day that I worry a bit about because the panel of leather with the 2 studs in it under the front zip doesn't seem quite stiff enough but it ticks all the other boxes. Luckily it was used and relatively cheap so I am not all that fussed.
  11. Oh thats awful!!! Sending you all my best wishes, you go girl and kick some a**!!!
  12. im a student too! so i cant afford any. but to me i'd rather not get any then to buy it fake. because its just.... not the real one (OCD) but im saving! and im sure my b bag will be worth so much more to me if i saved so long to get it(: my bf is planing to buy me a tomato coin purse for my bd :biggrin: so happy!
  13. oh my! thats horrible but wow you have an awesome DH there! supporting you with 12 Bbags :p dont worry im sure you'd win! we'd all be here supporting you yeah? screw the cheaters!
  14. Four years ago, I must have been around 16 I was in Paris at Lafayette and saw a beautiful weekender on display and waned my mum to buy it..she just "no way Joséd"-me out of the store and a week later I bought an awful gold pleather one during vacation in greece..
    I loved it and used it ALL the time, but made sure I hide it from my mum( she was always really strict when it comes to designer stuff, above all pretending to be designer stuff;)
    When she found out she took it from me and explained me how much money the companys loose and how the beauty and art of a bag needs to be honoured..
    I cried a bit but was consoled after she gave me a lil piggybank in form of a bag with a little bit of starter"purse money" :smile:
  15. :cursing: Twice. It was almost 3 years ago. I got a fake white City online, paid about 950.00 and a caramel on Ebay and paid around 900.
    Last fall the seller of the white, finally agreed to give me HALF my money back after I pestered them, joined others in writing bad things about them on the Ebay forum, etc. I sent them the bag, they sent me around 475.00. The Ebay seller is some whacko with a very shady background and he said he closed his ebay store. Due to his name on my Paypal receipt and things he said, I decided to let it go.
    However, I did report him to several agencies based on what I have read about who traffics counterfeit bags. I told him that too and he said he was leaving the country anyway. :wtf: