Have you ever bought a bag tax exempt?

  1. Has anyone (esp. those of you from Cali) gotten a Chanel bag tax exempt? If so, which store did you purchase your Chanel from and who was your fabulous SA?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. The only time I have gotten anything from a Chanel boutique without having to pay sales tax was to have it shipped to my parent's in Arizona - but then I had to pay shipping from them to me. I ended up returning the item to Chanel so more shipping cost. In the end I didn't save anything.:sad:

    I don't have to pay sales tax if I buy from certain Saks stores.
  3. Yep, definitely Saks. I got mine from Angie in Denver tax exempt. HTH! =)
  4. I bought it from the SF boutique over the phone while visiting my ILs and then just had it shipped to me at their house (out of state.)
  5. ^ ooh, that's great! i wonder if it's because your state does not have any chanel botiques -- that's the only way they would make it tax exempt -- according to my SA.
  6. yup thats what I heard too. If your state does not have that particular boutique, then you can get it shipped to your home tax free.. I dont know of any other way. But of course I would love to know! and how much is shipping if we buy from out of state boutique? Its free right?
  7. I've ordered from NM at Troy, Michigan and had the bags shipped to Ohio. No tax or shipping costs!!! I guess there's no NM or BG in Ohio? :yahoo:
  8. I live in Illinois and bought from
    Damian at Sak's in
    Bala Cynwyd, PA 1-610-667-1550 EXT 258
    and Did Not pay any Sales Tax!

  9. That is correct. There is not a boutique in the state where my ILs live (where I had it shipped) and so there was no tax. If I were to have bought it while at home, I would not have been able to avoid it.
  10. Whenever you ship from one state to another, it's tax free because the sale did not take place in either state!
  11. Huh??? So if I call up a store in NY and charge-send a bag to me in AZ, you're saying the sale didn't take place in NY? I'm not following your "logic" here.

    There are so many posts on avoiding tax - a search will bring up a lot.

    Saks has a unique system, sometimes I have to pay, sometimes I don't, depends on which store I order from. Saks s/a's will ring up the item as a gift purchase to avoid tax a lot of the time if you ask for it.

    With NM, if there is a NM store in your state you HAVE to pay your state sales tax, whether you buy in person at the store or do a charge send from another store to your home. Sometimes a NM s/a will agree to the gift idea, but many will not. Again, depends on the s/a.
  12. I purchase tax free from every store except Nordstroms because they're here.....oh, and NM because they're coming back!

  13. That's good to know. Because there's no Chanel in IL Saks, right?
  14. There is a thread with a post from a tax attorney (I think) who explains it - my recollection is that if there is a Chanel boutique in your state, you will pay tax even if ordered from a boutique out of state. Same with Neiman Marcus - unless it can be designated as a gift - perhaps different addressee than the credit card holder. With Saks, it is different because they are owned differently than NM - so if there is not a Saks near you (I don't know the exact distance - mine is 90 miles away), if you order it from out of state, there is no tax. (This is how I always try to buy my bags - I also love Damian in PA).

    A bit confusing but worth the effort to figure it out as on these bags >1K, tax can really add up!!
  15. Yes, actually. That's exactly how it works.

    For example, when you sell something online, you only charge sales tax if the buyer lives in your state. I actually run a small business online and have spoken with tax lawyers about this: this is how it works.

    If you went into the store and had it shipped home, then you would have been charged sales tax.

    It's crazy, I know. But it keeps states from fighting over who gets to charge the sales tax.