Have you ever bought a bag on eBay/Bonz etc. with items left inside?

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    I got the idea for this thread from nevereverenough's thread about how she bought a supposedly NWT bag that had cash in the bottom!

    I, too, have purchased bags from marketplace sites with things in them that I don't think the sellers meant to leave in them.

    For instance? I've found a perfectly good watch, a pair of earrings, a psychiatrist's calling card...

    Has anyone else found any interesting little tidbits in a bag they purchased online?

    Edit: or not online. And not just bags. Anything counts. :smile:

  2. Psychiatrist's calling card ... luv it.. We could all use it with all the bags we buy!

    I did buy a bag that had some personal items in it.. When I
    contacted the seller she said " Oh that's where it is.. I've been
    looking for it".. I just sent it back.. LOL...
  3. Yeap....sure have, the most memorable one was bobby pins,& a hair tie full of hair in an outside pocket.:sick:

    Kinda grossed me out, so I ended up vacuuming the heck out of it.
  4. Yeeeeah, I got some tampons with my Coach bag... :lol:
  5. I found a bag at a consignment store with the previous owner's social security card in it. I was concerned about identity theft so I googled, found her home address and phone number and contacted them. She was/is attending college near the consignment store and must have consigned her items. Her mother gave me a mailing address and I sent it to her home address.

    Another time, I bought a $2.99 wallet at Savers and found 2-$20 bills inside.
  6. That's so nice of you. I'm sure she was glad to have it back. I hadn't even thought of all the things that must end up in items at thrift stores.
  7. Found two seemingly brand new, full Chanel lip glosses in a purse once... Its too bad I'm such a germaphobe and couldn't risk using them, they were beautiful shades and I'm sure they were expensive!
  8. I have received bags with cough drops, paper, & business cards. :rolleyes:
  9. A "new bag" with a lunch receipt in it.
  10. I'd kind of forgotten about it and about 6 (or more) months later, I got a thank you note from the girl.
  11. interesting! i don't have this experience. if i found something that's dirt or paper scraps inside the pre-owned bags that i bought online. :-s
  12. I buy a lot of LV bags on eBay. I trade dustbags around so it's not always clear which one went with which bag originally. A while back I was trading out bags and got out an empty dustbag and found $20 in it! Nice surprise, no idea which bag it belonged to. ;)
  13. I received a bag once that had a sealed envelope in it. I thought it was going to be the polite "thank you & enjoy your new bag" note. It was actually a letter from a mom to her daughter telling her how proud she was of her, enjoy her time in college, and to take care of the handbag!
  14. :sad: It makes me sad that the daughter didn't even read the note from her mom!
  15. i've gotten socks and miscellaneous junk.