Have you ever bought a bag in more than one colour?

  1. Hello again ladies!

    Have you ever loved a bag SO much that you purchased it in more than one colour? I find myself falling in love with the style of a bag and then wanting it in like 2 or even 3 colours! If I love the way a bag feels when I wear it I'm hooked!
    Last year I did this with a GUESS Atomic Hobo bag. I purchased it in a sand colour and then bought the same bag again in black! I was working in an industrial office and it was ALWAYS dusty and dirty so I bought a few inexpensive bags incase they got dirty/ruined. They still looked great and I do use them now from time to time.
    Right now I am trying to decide between some Thomas Wylde bags. I think I have narrowed it down to the Oxford but now I don't know what colour I want!!!
    If you have ever had this issue, please let me know what you decided to do. Did you buy more than one bag? Or did you stick with just one?
    Thanks ladies!:smile:
  2. I sell handbags online and you would be amazed at the number of people who buy bags in several colors.
  3. I must be sick because I have three MJ sophias, in maroon, orchid, and peacock blue. I sold a violet one not too long ago. I can't seem to get enough of them! The bag itself is great, but when a designer has other beautiful colors available, I can't help myself.

    Honestly, for someone normal and not sick, I'd advise them to go with one color and save the money for another style bag.

    And don't go into the Balenciaga forum... =)
  4. I have 2 large coach hobos from the same season in black and brown :smile: I also used to have 2 balenciaga bags of the same style (city) in two different colors, but I sold one. I'm thinking of buying a third coach hobo (this time a small) in a third color :P
  5. I've bought in black/brown several times, and do the same thing with clothes (same pants in 4 colors!). If you really love it - do it! How many people are going to notice you're carrying the same bag in different colors? And even if they do, do you care?
  6. I have done the same thing with clothes! I will always buy shirts/pants in a few colours if I love them. But getting into multiple bags is way more pricey and I didn't know if more people than just me have ever done it or considered it!!
  7. I do it!!! I have this one style in Prada that I really love...and I got it in three colors...and I will get more if more becomes available!!!!
  8. Not at the same time! I bought a black BV mini-bag, never used it, then saw the same style in lavender, and bought it. Decided to sell the black one. I have the same shoe brand and style in more than one color. Maybe that counts.:confused1:
  9. Not until recently, in the heat of Buying All New Clothes in the wake of a 50 (on some days, 55) lb weight loss, I began buying some bags, too, all very inexpensive ones, the ones I got in more than one color are the little quilted flap NotChanels with their Proud-to-be-Inspired rhinestone X on the clasp, and a couple in what I believe is the "hobo" style, that I had no idea if they were Inspired by anybody or not, I just liked them. I have since been told, and confirmed by looking at a picture on here, that they were Inspired by one of the newer (meaning not a big name in 1960) designers.

    I was Inspired to buy one in red and one in brown because I needed those colors, liked the bags, and they cost $12 each!
  10. I just bought my third Lauren Merkin Louise clutch and I have two small Gucci horsebit clutches. The Guccis are really different though as one is black leather and the other is light brown suade with bamboo details. Those are the only ones I have that are the same kind..... so far :P
  11. YES! I have several styles in more than one colour--if you really love a bag, why not get it in more than one colour--it's more to love!:heart:
  12. I have 2 Balenciaga citys in different colours and I'm planning on buying another on.
  13. I don't think your sick thithi! MJ is so classic and the Sophias are really functional bags. I have a black and whiskey MJ mp and I had a black sophia and an orchid. Colors can be really striking and desirable. I would never admit to being normal, but classic bags in different colors make sense (at least in my twisted mind):rolleyes:

  14. Oh, this is so true! I just got my first Balenciaga last week, and now I'm looking for an identical one in a different color. Dangerous!!
  15. i've bought the same style of bag in more than one color before, but i always found myself getting OCD with them! like, am i using this color of the bag more than the other? does this mean i like this color more? then why have these other colors then, LOL! i wind up selling the multiples of the colors i don't use as often, and now i try to limit myself to one style of bag in the best color for me. though, sometimes that's REALLY difficult.