Have You Ever Bought a Bag From LV To Feel Better?

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  1. Hi, I am wondering, have you ever gone to LV to buy a bag specifically to lighten a sad mood?
  2. When I'm in a sour mood I eat a big bowl of ice cream! I try to avoid impulse purchases brought about by mood swings as it's too much money just for me to feel better lol
  3. It happened... I didn't buy a bag, but some accessories :smile:
  4. My LV purchases are mainly "reward" based - or because it's my birthday! I can't afford LV on a regular basis, so my purchases are very well planned....I would never buy on impulse or to make myself "feel better"...but I guess never say never! ;)
  5. No as I like to think about purchases as usually I am waiting for something to arrive at store and I just wait until the item arrives:smile:
  6. No not really but other things like an outfit -yes.
  7. No..my hb won't let me though..
    I reward myself with luxury,never on impluse.

    But my Eva was bought to "balance up" my mood..anyway it doesn't help..

    I will be happier if my hb gift them to me. :amuse:
  8. Not an LV... I think I have probably bought stuff before to bring my spirits up, but it was probably more along the lines of makeup or something.
  9. Yes i have - was in London back in March and was feeling quite low and bought the damier ebene speedy 35 in Selfridges, i've also made online purchases to try and lift my mood. It does work but only for a short time lol. I often end up regretting impulse purchases like that and feel very guilty after.
  10. Yes I have on many occasions and 100% of the time, I went back the very next day or two and exchanged it for something I would use rather than something I love but just was not a practical bag for me. What about you, Forsyte?
  11. Hi there, I haven't actually bought an LV item to feel better but I have intended to and backed out at the last second, checking myself first. But I always get so close!
  12. Not yet, but what's funny is when I'm feeling down, my aunt asks if I want to go window shop at LV lol.
  13. I would like to say no I have not. If I am that low, it's usually because of something that I need to address within myself. A run tends to do a lot more for my mood. But I did get a key pouch last month after a particularly miserable travel experience and the end of a 21 year friendship. In all honestly, the purchase did nothing to make me feel better.
  14. That's so sweet! Sounds like you have a nice aunt.
  15. She's awesome. She's my only LV enabler outside of tPF. =] She's even investing in her first LV in the coming months.