Have you ever bought a "back-up" bag?

  1. When I was into LV, I used to purchase 2 of each style that I liked so that I could have one as a "back-up" in case anything ever happened to the first one; nasty handles, getting caught in the rain, stains, etc. Now that I look back on it, I thought :wtf:...so much money wasted on double purchases that I never even got to carry! Since switching to Bbags, I haven't thought of it because of all the gorgeous colors that I could have but ever since I got my Black City, and it's my everyday bag, I'm going down that trail again and thinking about getting a "back-up" Black City for just-in-case. Am I insane? Has anyone ever gone through this before? :push::wondering
  2. ^^ oh boy, this question is right up my alley (lol!!!) :p...let's see, i've got 2 black '05 hobo/days, 2 black '05 cities & 3 black firsts ('02 w/flat brass, '03 w/pewter & '04 w/RH) :love:
  3. YES!!!! But I wound up selling them b/c I wanted the money to buy something else of course!!! LOL
  4. Nope. I always felt that they were too expensive and there is always something else that I would rather have than a back up. Plus, I always take really good care of my bags. The other day it started raining and I freaked out. My husband suggested that we could walk underground (downtown Chicago) to stay out of the rain and protect my bag. So I am just really careful with the ones that I love.

    I do buy doubles of clothes sometimes though! If I find pants that fit great, I always get two.
  5. where the hell is "livethelake"???!!!! she's the universal queen of back-ups, not only for Balenciagas, but Chanel (and most likely other brands) too...
  6. I've certainly considered it, for every bag that I've loved! Trouble is, those have all been rare older bags that I've been lucky to locate one of. Perhaps that's a blessing in disguise. ;)
  7. I don't really do that.. I try to just take a little more time to protect the bags but it is a lot of $$$$..
    But I certainly do understand what you are doing.. I do that to my shoes.. Just not bags... shoes are fairly cheaper than bags..
  8. Luckily, I haven't considered it for any other colors other than Black. I'm waiting for the Fall colors to arrive and am saving like crazy for them but at least Black is available yr. round and I don't have to hunt it down like I would for a hard-to-find color and if I have any extra $$ lying around (yeah, right:rolleyes:), I can get one whenever I can. :yes:
  9. Not yet :shame:

    I have bought back-up tops that I really loved and knew would wear out. :yes:

    But on the really unique high-end items I don't have enough cash :sweatdrop:
  10. i understand what you mean about the black city. i carry my basic favorite bag so much that i can already see the signs of wear, so i contemplate getting another to store in my closet and keep new forever while i still can! i've done that with clothing in the past (i own like 20 white James Perse tshirts).
  11. not yet..=)
  12. :wtf:... oh thats right, i remember the "black sea" thread/posts! :roflmfao:.... i think you have waaaaaaaaaaay too many black bags AAA! I'll PM you with my address to forward lets see, one black city and the 02FBF... thats it, I'm not that greedy :angel:!... oh and I'll pay for the shipping too :upsidedown:!

    sorry went a little OT there... hmmm.... I havent come to this yet... I dont think theres such a thing as a "back-up" in bbags KWIM? each bags leather, color, variation, saturation all different that they are all different in their own way? but then again, I did think about getting a violet rh work as a "back-up" for my violet sgh work! ok, so basically what I just said does not count :push:... sorry too early in the morning...

  13. ^^ LOL, guilty as charged!!! :wlae:
  14. I've bought multiples of things I have loved but often tire of them before they even get worn so I try not to do that. But...talk about taking care of things, the other day when it was threatening rain, I threw a plastic bag in to my b bag so I could protect it. I looked like a bit of an idiot carrying a bag inside a clear plastic bag but it worked!
  15. Wow!! bama, you are the :queen:of the Black Bbags! I'm just thinking about 1 extra City :lol: