Have you ever been too afraid to actually carry your LV?

  1. I have to admit...I'm afraid of my LV bag (Alma in Monogram Canvas). :shame: I know that at some point, a spot will appear on it and it will never be the same.:lol: And yes, I know that bags are meant to be used, but...well...it just looks so beautiful right now. :rolleyes: I want the leather to get darker, but I just don't want a speck of anything to get on it.:s

    For those of you who have experienced this with your first LV or any new LV, how long did it take you to get over it? I once read an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker in which she said that Matthew had given her an Hermes Birkin and for a while, she was afraid of it because it was so beautiful. :lol:
  2. I've never actually been afraid to use my bags because that's what I bought them for.
    However, I HAVE just not carried them in certain situations where I don't want to draw attention to my bag. In those types, I'll either carry my Epi Jasmin or my Damier Speedy.
  3. I was afraid 9well I still am) of carrying my bags that have vachetta because of the wild weather swings out here in the Midwest. I've learned to carry a plastic bag.
    I was also paranoid about using my LE bags....but after a month of fawning over them I'm over it.
    They're meant to be used!
    BUT...I understand your concerns...I won't buy an Alma because I am so afraid of the bottom getting stained (I'm going to buy a Damier one instead)!
  4. No way!
    I refuse to buy anything I'm scared of carrying, life's too short!!!:yes:
  5. I was more giddy than actually nervous!
  6. I have a new Alma in monogram too. I use it at least once a week, however, I am very careful as to where I set it down!
  7. i dont think you should buy a bag that you're scared to use... i mean, it IS a bag =)
  8. Hi Buttery,

    I think eventually we get over that...I was like that when I first got my mono speedy 25. On the first day I brought it out, it was bright and sunny but it overcasted shortly afterwards and started drizzling!! I was crushed when it got hit with a raindrops. lol. Then, the same day, I don't know how the heck I managed to get a pen-mark type line on the handle about an inch long. I was fit to be tied. I was so mad at myself.....
    Couple of weeks later, I had someone spill A GLASS OF WATER on my poor speedy. My husband said he's never seen anyone's reflex as fast as mine when I grabbed it LOL! I wiped my bag off immediately but I was still devastated. Sigh...but now I'm getting better...trying not to be as paranoid. It's starting to patina so hopefully the water spots will blend in later? I'm sooo000OOO scared to bring my Manhattan PM out (waiting till my bday to use it)..lol!
  9. i use *protection bag* to most of my new LV bags!!!

    my *protection bag*s are normally non-designer large tote bags,,,,,to HIDE my new purchase from girls @ work (i'm their boss, but i hate the "you bought ANOTHER bag!" comment!:supacool: ) and i'm in food business....there is always little chance to get wet or oil stain.....that's why i call it 'protection'!

    i take my bag out when i'm not around work!! by doing that, i get nice honey color eventually,,,,,,then i can tell the girls to their "NEW?" question -- 'NOP, i had it for a while!':roflmfao: :heart:

    and YES, i'm always afraid of first stain!!! Grrrrr:wtf:
  10. Buttery, I think you will get over it eventually.. I know bare vachetta from your mono alma make you nervous..

    It's your first baby,I know you want to baby it for while but someday you will toss the bag around with no worries.
    Worrying about the bag suck the fun out from owning it....
  11. You will get over it. :yes: I felt the same way when I bought my Recital and again when I bought my Speedy. They're just so perfect you don't want anything to happen to them.:flowers: Kind of like the first dent on a new car feeling.
  12. I'm not afraid to use my bags but I'm very careful with them. I take turns taking out my girls as I call them. I will use a different bag everyweek. No sense on letting it age in the armoire:P . I did that with my first LV, never got to enjoy it, then finally I gave it to dd 5 years ago. Now, I try and enjoy all my bags:yes:
  13. I was a bit nervous when I got my first LV...not of carrying it as much as having my children around it, LOL. Now I carry Damier!
  14. :lol: not laughing at you, just myself...
    When I got my Alma I had no idea about things like vachetta or patina. I just knew I had a bag I loved. I took that poor bag everywhere w/o any special care. Rain, never gave a thought to it. Party & drinking while holding my bag, not a problem, setting it on every surface no matter where I was, lotion on my hands...no worries at all. My beautiful Alma survived & has a lovely patina.

    I was such a noob:lol:

    Use it & love it!!!!
  15. The first couple times of carrying any bag I feel worried about it getting dirtied...and eventually when I do spot something on it - I am not afraid of more stains!

    So I think you have to force yourself to use it , see some damage and live with it!