Have you Ever Been Sued ?

  1. Have you ever sued anyone or been the target of a lawsuit?
  2. Not yet and I hope never will!
  3. yes. idiot wanted about $750k for an accident that happened 3 years ago. claimed major losses in employment benefits and medical bills. load of crap.. he filed the suit 1 day before the 3 year time limit was up. i'm gonna sue him in 2 years and 300 days for the same thing.. but this time, for emotional and financial distress because his lawsuit against me costed so much of my time, effort, energy, and headache.. i'm 22 and i have more gray hairs than anyone my age, and most of it came from that ass of a jerk.

    oh, and i would post his information on here for all to go to and TP his house and vandalize some more, but i'm pretty sure that's a violation of privacy.. =P so i will restrain myself. but he was such a jerk. i carry picture proof of the accident with me at all times (not because i'm weird, but because it's on my ipod) and i have digital proof and physical picture proof and so do both insurance companies. his car was not even damaged. he also claimed it cost him over $3,000 to fix his bumper.. and he was out of work for 11 days. i'm sorry, but that is some sh1tty body shop that has to charge more than $200 to fix that bumper, and takes 11 days to do it.

    i didn't have a car for about 1.5 months because it was in the shop for way more damage, and mine only cost $3,500 to fix. i went to work anyway via public transportation.. why didn't he do the same?

    oh geeze.. i can go on and on about his stupidity.
  4. I am a partner in an apartment building, and we were once sued for discrimination by a woman who claimed we had an empty apartment and wouldn't show it to her because she was Cuban. In reality, there were no empty apartments.

    Most recently my husband and his former employer were sued by another driver that my husband collided with about a year and a half prior to the suit. I believe the insurance company ultimately settled, as we haven't heard anything since the deposition a year ago.
  5. Yes, I sued a couple 11 years ago. The women ran a red light at 70mph & hit me in my drivers side. She was fine but I almost died & was in ICU for over a week. Neither her or her family even came to see if I was ok.
    They tried to blame it on me even though she ran a red light.:confused1:
    They filled Bankruptcy. I didnt get a dime. It was a huge mess.
  6. Sweet, couldn't you have still gotten a judgment against her? That way whenever she ever got any money in the future, you would get paid first.
  7. Not after they were allowed to finalize their bankruptcy.
  8. If I could have I wasn't informed.

    I was 20 at the time & had been fighting it for a year. My lawyer wasn't the most helpful. He forced me to settle.
    I just gave up & took it as a loss & settled with her insurance company. They paid my car off & got the hospital to take less for my medical bills.
    I still have back problems, jaw problems & my liver was damaged & will never be 100%.
    I had 3 friends in the car that night. 2 had serious injuries. Myself & the guy behind me took the worst of the hit. The guy sitting behind me died twice on the way to the hospital & was in a coma for 2 weeks. To this day he walks with a cane & has metal plates in his pelvic. He also lived with a catheter for a year.
    When I made the call to settle with the insurance company. 2 of my friends got mad & never spoke to me again.
    The lady we sued owns several large gas stations & was speeding because she was late to close one for the night.
    She almost killed a car full of 19 year olds & never once called or sent a letter to apologize. Even before we sued!
  9. That b$&#^! How horrible! She's just like one of the few people I really hope rots in hell.
  10. I have a court date in the next two weeks because an idiot contractor is trying to screw me out of 1500. I gave him that amount as a deposit to tile my front porch with slate and he never did it. Rather, he delivered the tiles to me: 10 BOXES each containing 10 SMALL TILES!!!!! Ridiculous! Anyway, he's trying to say that's what I paid him for... Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yeah it was pretty bad. I had firefighters & police come to see me in the hospital. They told my parents they have never seen a driver live through a car accident like mine.

    I am a firm believer in Karma. Someday it will come around & bite her in the a$$.
    but, I guess not financially yet because she still rolls a new Benz every year with her personalized plates :censor: It was said in the Bankruptcy that they were broke & "sold" all of their stores. Very strange though... her car always seems to be parked out in front when ever you pass by. We found out later they were sold to family members to keep from paying up.

    I will post a pic of my car from the accident if I can figure out how.
  12. ^^^ What a BI:censor: CH!!! Well, karma is a bigger b:censor: tch...
  13. What a jerk! I hope you win & you should go to your local paper or something with your story to keep this guy from doing this to others.

    Why would anyone buy tile through a contractor to do the work themselves?? You could have just went to Home Depot if that was the case. It seems like everyone is running a different scam these days!
  14. Yes, I took my sublessee to small claims court during college because she owed me 2 months of rent. Then I recently sued the truck driver who hit me. I wouldn't have sued her if she played nice but she lied in the police report that I faked out the entire incident with my friends. This chick can write a novel with her BS! :cursing:

    So nobody mess with me! :lol::angel:
  15. My sentiments exactly!! I am going to purchase an identical tile from Home Depot or Lowes and present the price differential as evidence.