Have you ever been snubbed while wearing LV and other designers?

  1. Sorry I stole the title from "have you ever been snubbed while shopping at LV" haha!

    Well today I was shopping in the mall and thought that I would stop into Filene's Basement. My friend said that she purchased high-end designer stuff for real cheap, so I had to check it out.

    I've never really shopped at Filene's Basement before so when I stepped in, I was a bit bewildered by the untidiness and piles of clothes everywhere. I was walking around very confused and an SA seemed to be staring at me and following me around. I then came upon a locked-up counter with Gucci and Prada bags in it. The bags were so cheap! I noticed that there was a sign in the case that said Additional 50%. I had to ask the SA if the bags were an addit 50% off. The snobby SA then said, "No...THESE are designers. Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Gucci... They do NOT EVER go on sale" and began to turn her back to me and walk way.

    What the HECK? Are you serious? I don't understand why I was treated so poorly at FILENE'S BASEMENT! I've never been treated like this at an LV, Saks, NM, or any high-end boutique. I was just so put off by her attitude that it kind of ruined my whole day.

    I was wearing a sweat-shirt, but my sweat-shirt costs about $150! I had tall UGGs on, Rock and Republic jeans, $500 Burberry scarf, LV bag with scarf and heart coin purse (my new pomme coin purse probably costs more than her stupid outfit!), and Chanel sunglasses! I did look casual because of my sweatshirt, but that doesn't mean that she should judge me on my appearance! I am also a young adult (21 y/o), but at this age people obviously do work and can afford designers. So what the hell was her problem...following me around the store thinking I would steal something? Why on earth would I steal from Filene's Basement? Filene's Basement??! UGHHH...

    Did she not think that I could afford the bags? I've never shopped at a discount store before, so I had no idea about how the sales or w/e work. I just asked a simple question! I am never stepping into that crappy store ever again! I'll just keep on paying full price at the boutique itself. At least I'll have my dignity!

    Sorry...soo longgg, I had to rant. Usually I'm treated very well at the stores that I shop at, always great customer service everywhere! I am not used to be treated horribly, and at Filene's Basement at that!

    FYI...right after that incident, I stopped by a Chanel makeup counter and treated myself to some nice stuff. The SA's there were so nice and even gave me their business card to set up an appointment for a makeover with their national makeup artist! :lol:
  2. how rude! I think the girl probably knew exactly how much everything cost and was just jealous so tried to insult you! what a pathetic person!!
  3. Oh, I'm sorry you had such bad experience... I notice customer service nowadays are just getting worse and worse... When I used to work at retail, I was taught "never" judge anyone by their appearance. And that is TRUE! Even now, most of my customers/clients who do not appear wealthy, but spent the most money!! While others who dress classy or walk with their nose up in the air are only "looking". LOL. But seriously, you shouldn't let that incident bring you down. Glad you had a little treat at Chanel. You go girl!
  4. oh! I know exactly what you mean! Im 21, but look like a highschool kid. Sometimes I feel sooo uncomfortable shopping in small empty high end boutiques. but I just keep telling myself that they're jealous of my youth or something... haha. Maybe thats how she was, seeing you were so young and already successful... dont let her get to you. you had every right to confirm their 50% off sign IN the case. Hope this doesnt happen to you again, no one deserves that.
  5. Sorry you had to go through that! I do okay at the other designer boutiques ... the only one that's ever snubbed me was Hermes ... even at that forum I feel like an outsider.
  6. I think alot of SAs are like that, atleast to me since i'm so young looking. Except for that gorgeous mix girl at the Dior store in Bethesda .
  7. Don't let her bring you down! Just chalk it up to jealousy!!
  8. UUGGHHH some people are just blahhhh, though I am happy that you made your self happy and bought some of the most luxurious cosmetics-Chanel, (I love everything Chanel), anyways, hope that made you feel better. :girlsigh:
  9. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience, but I'm hoping you're just saying, "BUT I WAS WEARING MY $500 SCARF" out of anger.

    I'm only 18, so I get snubbed a lot in high-end stores, but I've come to see as this way: if they cannot offer you decent assistance, then they've lost out on potential business... & another place will be lucky to have you as a customer.
  10. I think more often than not, rude SA's would be rude no matter what you wear. I've never felt snubbed because of something I was or was not wearing, or my age, etc. . . . I think that's irrelevent.
    *****y people are *****y people. . . .
  11. Yeah, as a former SA I don't think it matters what you wear. I know it never did to me when I worked at Coach, and when I went into Neiman's and browsed through Hermes and Chanel, some SA's were rude and others were great and I was wearing a black Juicy tracksuit and carrying an Hermes bag. I don't think it matters, but it sucks regardless!
  12. First of all, Filene's Basement used to actually be the basement of Filenes in Downtown Crossing in Boston. This is where you went for the real bargains and fabulous deals. At some point in the 80s Filenes started expanding the basement store into the malls and then sold the. Filenes was a May Co and now is part of the Macys chain. The Filenes Basement of yore (the real one in Boston in Filenes) was a totally different experience. They were so cut rate that there were no dressing rooms. When you went to Filenes Basement, you wore a leotard and undressed in the racks. Ah, those were the days. I bought some gorgeous stuff in that store. I also went into labor there, but that's another story...
    I don't think you should expect the same level of service from a Filenes Basement that you would get from NM, Nordstrom or Saks. They are not the same type of experience. Part of the "charm" of the basement is exactly what you described. Do you think you would get better treatment at TJ Maxx or Marshalls? That's what you should think of when you consider customer service at a store where the help is getting paid minimum wage and could not possibly keep up with the amount of merchandise that moves through those stores daily. I think the sales woman could have cared less what you were wearing, how old you were and probably thought you were snobby.
    You will get better treatment at NM's Last Call stores, however. They are very nice. I don't know if there is one in the Boston area or not.

  13. Sounds like OP has enough money not to be visiting these stores. ;):rolleyes:
  14. Ok I don't mean to be rude, but you said several things in your post that were very off-putting. I've highlighted them for reference. Just a thought... maybe the SA was snobby to you, because YOU were acting snobby first? :shrugs:

    I've shopped everywhere from Walmart to Hermes and I've NEVER in my life had an SA brush me off. But I'm also not the kind of person who thinks they're above shopping at certain stores :whistle:...
  15. Yes, I have. I was at winners just looking around ( its a discount designer store like the one you were talking about)
    I was wearing Miss sixty jeans, $400 Talula Babaton coat and my LV pouchette.
    there were these two girls there also shopping.As they walked by they stared and one girl said " making a statement huh?" I just ignored it

    I'm also your age and I get how some people can be jealous.. obviously if you are working you can afford designer things if you aren't paying rent and what not. some people aren't so lucky. If I had to rent a place for myself as well as pay bills, car insurance etc I wouldn't be able to buy that much designer stuff.
    I just remind myself that I'm lucky, and don't get offended by it.
    Take it as a compliment