Have you ever been snubbed at a LV store?

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have always been a fan of LV but just recently became addicted thanks to this lovely forum and from falling in love with the Damier Speedy 25. So you could understand my excitement as I went to buy my very first LV this past weekend. But when I got to the store, no one would help me. No greeting, no "are you looking for anything?"...nothing!
    There were two SAs standing around talking and clearly saw me standing at the counter but would not come up to help me. Okay...fine after a couple of minutes I decide to go ask for assistance but instead they go approach people who just came into the store and were only "looking". Seriously???? I couldn't believe it. I was dressed casually in jeans, a Lululemon jacket (not hoodie) and my Coach sling so it's not like I looked like a slob. I ended up waiting a couple more minutes before I decided to eventually leave the store without my first LV.
    So I am just wondering if anyone else has ever been snubbed or received horrible customer service? What did you do? Did you go back? I was just so turned off by the experience but would still like to eventually make my purchase. I would prefer not to do it online but am starting to think that might be the way to go??
  2. i'm sorry to hear about your bad experience with that stupid SA.

    I truly believe that SA's are just like any other group of people. There are good ones and there are bad ones.

    You just so happened to see a bad one this time. Don't let this experience turn you away from the stores.

    Shopping in the stores is a lot of fun because you can see the things IRL and you get a feel for everything. Plus shopping in person always has that extra something for me.

    Give the stores another try & I am sure you will eventually meet an SA you adore. I have different SA's that I work with at different stores and I can honestly say I adore all of them.

    Once you can establish a good relationship with an SA it'll be a lot easier for you to eventually get LE merchandise, or other goodies. Plus the personal service you get at the stores is something you can't get online.
  3. Thanks luxlover. I do really, really want to get my Damier Speedy. Did you find your SA yourself or did someone refer you to one?
  4. I've shopped at both --a LV Store and Elux. I agree, seeing items IRL, is a plus, but I have been very impressed and pleased with the service I've gotten from Elux. They offer a "Live Chat" with SA's and that is extremely helpful! They can immediately answer any of your questions.

    Hope this helps and don't get discouraged! I guarantee the first time you carry that Damier Speedy, you'll be hooked!:tup:
  5. Sorry to hear that!
    I've never been snubbed...I don't dress up either, just jeans and a top, no big deal. I wasn't even snubbed in the LV Caesar's even though I was with my friends and we were just looking.

    But like Rhudy said, don't get discouraged, it may take a little bit to find an SA you like, but when you do, you'll be in good hands.
  6. definitely! I think I have an especially hard time because I'm 19 but look like I'm 15...so usually, the SAs don't give me the time of day until they find out that I'm SERIOUS about buying something. Personally, I think they should treat everyone the same - whether they're looking or buying. But don't be discouraged - there are some really AWESOME SA's out there!
  7. Sorry about your bad experience. I haven't been snubbed at any LV store I made
    purchases so far. But if I did, I would leave the store ASAP. I'm lucky enough that
    I live in Los Angeles and that there are many LV branches to choose from or go to.
    Don't let this SA's get to you or turn you off from buying your first LV.
    Maybe you could go to a different LV store or Elux. If you buy from Elux, don't use your
    debit card, use a CC--AMEX preferred just for precautions.
    Good Luck!
  8. I usually try to smile and go up to an SA myself rather than waiting for one to come to me (and I'm not usually dressed up). I think sometimes they try to let people just look, unfortunately. For me anyway, grinning does wonders - Silly me!
  9. Well, we are not talking about a single rude SA but TWO rude SAs!!!! Good heavens, did either one have eye contact with you? You actually were standing at the counter waiting?????????????? I do not understand how some can feel that they are better than others!! It should have nothing to do with how your dressed, some of the wealthiest people dress like bumbs and LV knows this too. I am so sorry this happened to you. Normally the staff at a LV boutique is small unless its a very large store. Is there another LV boutique near your home that you can go to instead of this one you already visited? May I ask what time of the day you went, just curious, for I cannot imagine SAs acting like this if management was on duty. I am so sorry they ignored you and hope you do not allow this to interfere with getting your Damier speedy 25. I own a Damier speedy 25 and it is one of my most favorite bags!!! It is an all-weather bag and the canvas goes with everything and its TDF in real life. When and if you go back to the boutique, please ask to see a couple Damier speedys and get one made in France if you can. Also with the Damier speedy, feel the underside of the handles, some are smoother than others and I want you to get as smooth a one as you can! Good Luck!!
  10. I've been fortunate at the LV boutiques ... but Hermes ~ FORGET it! Those people are like a secret society you have to have a membership card to or something. So I can still relate to what you are saying and I am so sorry you had such a bad experience, next time ... ask for a manager.
  11. When I was younger, I walked into the store in Paris on the Champs. My hubby and I looked like the American tourists that we were. Plus we are from L.A., so we were wearing our L.A. uniform, designer jeans and a leather jacket for me. Anyway, they were horrible...like we were invisible.

    However, because my initials are LV and now we have two daughters, I have purchased LV as heirloom items...Yeah that's my excuse. I have purchased my items from the LV stores at Century City Mall in L.A., at Whaler's Village in Maui and some mall on the outskirts of Chicago. Everybody has been quite lovely and I even get thank you cards from the SAs. By the way, because the economy in Hawaii is not doing so well, I found the prices there 15% lower than in the mainland.

    Regarding Hermes, I refuse to buy Hermes. They even snubbed Oprah Winfrey at their Paris store. She stopped just as the store was closing to run to get a watch or something as a gift for Tina Turner. Someone gave an interview said that they did not realize that the woman on the other side of the glass door was Oprah Winfrey. She looks so different without her makeup. In addition, they had been "having problems with North Africans"... or something to that effect. Goes to show, even the best & the brightest get snubbed because snubber is an ignorant fool. So try not to take it personally.
  12. Southerncharm I went midday around 12pm or 1pm. I know what you mean about dress code. I was thinking that there are people out there who are millionaires that dress in sweat suites or tshirts and jeans. So I don't know what the problem was.
    Thank you for your advice about the speedy though. I would not have known to look for this things. Are the same style bags made in different places? I appreciate your help.:tup:
  13. Thank you to everyone for your stories and advice. This is why I love this forum so much and am happy to be apart of it.
    You have all convinced me to go back and get my bag. I am getting excited again and will let you all know when I do get it. ;)
  14. GL & I hope you will post pictures of your new bag! Hopefully, you will have a better time around.

  15. Sorry about your experience. I walk out if I find they don't feel I am worth their time. I go back and depending on if someone is being receptive, they might get a sale.
    My advice to you:
    Go BAck. Ask to speak to the manager. Tell them how you were treated the last time you were there. When we met at the KoP meet, one of the TPF members clearly said how she was snubbed at an LV and the 2 SA's listening were extremely apologetic.
    Do the same. It's your right as a customer.