Have you ever been lucky with Coach on eCrater?

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  1. I know most, if not all of us, score our deals through eBay, Bonanzle & Craigslist. But what about eCrater? I know it's not the safest of sites (but then again no site is exactly safe). I scored my Cancer Zodiac keyfob from there:graucho: Anyone else out there been able to score some good deals from eCrater?
  2. I do not know.. I had never heard of them are they more like Ebay or more like Bonanzle?
  3. I would say they're like Bonanzle because it's not an auction site.
  4. I am looking at it now and there is a lot of items that look good but there is a lot of Fobs that do not...

    I it cool that you scored your rocking Fob on there... There is one that I would like to get, which is on this site and is very, very rare..

    I am going to authenticat it and hope for the best..

    thank you doglover...
  5. No problem!